Woopra Vs. Looker: Top Product Analytics Full Comparison And Review


Top product analytics like Woopra and Looker can make your data look more appealing, giving you a better insight into it. Check out this post to find out more. 

What is Woopra?

Woopra is a consumer insight tool, with several contact points through different devices that can help you better know your clients. 

This provides a better view of how the customers respond when they travel, submit e-mails or connect with them via live chat. 

Woopra uses innovative software to provide useful information through consumer behavior analysis so that the clients, individual consumers, and groups can be more easily understood. This helps customer data integrates into different sources in real-time, track behavior continuously, and regularly update the customer profiles.

You will generate a wide range of validated consumer reports for different business applications utilizing Woopra’s customer categories and profiles. You can also incorporate the main business KPIs with personalized live dashboards. 

It also offers the possibility to combine the data analysis capabilities with a wide range of third-party instruments.

 Woopra sends an alert directly to your phone or workstations when consumers take appropriate action so that they can make the required business decisions in time.

Woopra Benefits

Better Augments Web Analytics 

Woopra is a tool for optimizing site analytics by traffic aggregation and integration through all online touchpoints. This to provide a holistic perception of the customer.

It allows businesses, by restricting the emphasis on the old appraisal process on the buyer’s path. It also to better understand and track the whole consumer experience. 

Through a button press Woopra, you may respond to any inquiry that you have on a client or on a whole segment. It translates your data collections into people’s insights and behaviors.

For every single user, Woopra helps companies build a detailed profile. It makes it easy for businesses to synchronize customer information and track their behavior from all points of contact. These include blogs, mobile applications, e-mails, support desks, and live chat.


Each system executs in real-time. AppConnect helps you to gather data across all the CRM, web, sales optimization, media and service platforms. In addition to the abstracting research sophistication.

Its framework reduces the pressure of additional resources for growth and implementation and allows marketing efforts easy to coordinate. This allows you to speed up communication times. And produce the appropriate content at the right time through the right channel.

Through reaching fullness across all points of contact, this approach simplifies the ability to understand customer behavior. It also reduces guesswork and enhances data-driven strategies

What is Looker?

Looker is an information analysis software that offers both large and small businesses with creative data exploration apps. With it, you can access a web-based application where you can easily access your activities in real-time through data analytics. 

We will produce on-the-spot notes that are open to all interested parties and assist certain team members to tackle those activities. And stay intact when it comes to their ventures. Therefore, Looker will help any organization use the information in the right direction to drive business decisions and activities.

You won’t have any problems with a little SQL knowledge-making Looker work for you or building your analytical modules. You may model views with just one script. Thus, sophistication just relies on the degree to which you expect to enhance the experience.

More Info

Looker’s ML software is designed to help you create and refine requests. This is especially useful since most BI frameworks consider you to be an expert in the area.

When you have no SQL experience, Looker always operates because they have a vast repository of images. And educational content, the same as live photos and screenplays.

The documentation also contains interactive puzzles that create creative teams who want to turn analytics into a fun activity.

As you can read in the benefits section, in addition to open API integration blocks and flexible pricing, many Looker products can offer. It analyzes both web and SQL information and takes into account 25 variations of data, including Hive, Vertica and Google’s BigQuery.

The platform is meant to stop data chaos and bottlenecks and it does not take time for employees to understand in an intuitive interface. Looker is already the preferred software in the business intelligence field for more than 700 companies all over the world to allow them to please their consumers by turning traffic into valuable information for eCommerce. 

We advise you to ask us for a free demo and examine the features in advance before you contact them for a quote and make a purchase.

Looker Benefits

Looker is a data discovery platform that helps enterprises make better business decisions by accessing data in real-time. Within a Looker, 100% in-database and 100% browser-based platform, data of all dimensions can be analyzed. 

Currently, Looker Analytics is integrated into any database or database, such as Amazon Redshift or Greenplum. Looker is developed to meet the requirements of startups, medium-sized companies and companies in a usability way.

Easy To Use

Looker is extremely easy to operate in the beginning. You don’t need to be an experienced data analyzer, or you need SQL knowledge to manage workflows because most operations are based on a single autointuitive code. 

There is no complicated coding, and interactive and accurate charts and tablets can be used in the data. The platform also includes self-service features, including filtering, swiveling and visualization, and dashboard creation.

Handy visualizations

All general data scanning operations are stored in a left-hand list, where the preferences and customized workspaces can also be handled. For visualizations, you will drag and drop the required elements and delegate functions such as manager, client, and creator in a specific software schema. 

In fact, an amateur consumer mapping feature is available to plan, import, or distribute extremely technical visualizations outside the Looker dashboard.

Looker also enables the use of Webhooks for communication of information entities to workflows of third parties such that the need for remote software is removed.

Strong collaboration features

Looker encourages and streamlines app communication in order to improve the situation. The app is available both on computers and mobile devices, which ensures that employees are alerted and participate when they are out of work. 

For example, it is possible to share data and reports via email or URL or to integrate them easily into other applications like Excel, Google Docs and even custom applications or third parties. Ultimately, if the client desired, the information can also be exported manually in text or.csv formats.

A flexible LookML language

Your data analyzers can use Looker to create mini-applications that add efficiency and power to your data analysis, in a flexible, easy-to-learn langue called LookML. The LookML syntax simplifies the development of powerful models for every organization.

This linguistic approach leads to quicker querying and improves performance on the way.

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