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What is is a platform for commercialization that offers the control of advertisers and marketers to make data-driven judgments obtained in various parts of the consumer journey. Some of its core strengths include keyword optimization, content performance management, and Google Advertising optimization.

Users do not necessarily optimize their marketing data. But they can also tie it together.

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 We should look at client experiences to show where the most return on investment (ROI) is available to users. To customers, provides an analysis of their marketing activities through the online trip.

It also defines where the strongest gains are produced. Consumers can choose from three different versions based on their budget. These are basic, technical and company.

That edition also provides functions such as budget optimization, search terms, and multi-touch attribution. All these apps function together to provide consumers with the trust that extensive data help their decisions.

Overview Benefits

Data Optimization

Marketers and marketers use will gather all of their marketing data and refine the services deployed at each level of their consumer journey. can provide information on how to best use the available resources of the company through its brand attribution program.

Customer Enrichment

It is impossible to consistently and efficiently enhance passenger travel without the right information. Attribution Insights and a quantitative budget optimizer can be used by marketers and advertisers to provide a complete picture of the consumer experience to display the aspects that can be improved.

Better ROI

After a full and accurate description of the customer experience is achieved, the inside-and-outs and results of the marketing campaigns initiated by customers are now simpler to see. The brand award program of often clarifies the placements that render their projects the most successful.

Advanced Decision Making

All the data collected and analyzed and the attribution insights created by are used to equip advertisers and marketers with data collected from the full consumer experience. Its evidence can be used to back up the decision taken, meaning that all the information presented to the customer is the correct choice.

Pricing Plans

It comes with a free trial for people to have a good look at it. It also has other plans like Basic for $99 per month, Professional for $199 per month, and Enterprise for $499 per month.

What is MetaRouter?

MetaRouter is a very intuitive and secure data streaming business intelligence app. The system is designed to manage sensitive data for businesses. This allows easy monitoring of data pipelines and can operate end-to-end network routers in a private cloud. 

MetaRouter provides full data storage and retrieval device access to applications. The platform’s data transmission system comprises of three distinct computing layers, facilitating intake, filtering, and transmission.

MetaRouter delivers a high-performance API, real-time consumption. It collects and translates all input data from different sources into queues.

The routing feature integrates Layer three-event handling to ensure that all data enters its specified destinations. Eventually, mapping and monitoring of the received data take over the forwarding phase.

Overview Benefits

Great Security

MetaRouter permits users to monitor the data routing processes in their entirety without relying on third-party processors. The software can be used in or on the property of a private cloud. 

Users are completely empowered to exchange and manage data. The possibility of a data display is removed with MetaRouter. 

The site even complies with GDPR.

Better Flexibility

MetaRouter offers a complete set of data routing functionality and resources. The software allows users to operate and personalize data routing on a server or any location. 

Only the correct functions like the ingester, firewall, forwarder, and conditioner may be used by the users. Raw data can be expanded and shared in internal communities through Metarouter.

Extraordinary Speed

MetaRouter can decrease page latency, bounce levels, and ad blocker effect. The annotations and the pixels are attached to the file. 

It also reduces the complexity of data collection and eliminates redundant details on a single page. It can which the browser’s network activity by combining data with the client’s server. Users are also able to directly collect data.

Pricing Plans:

It comes with a free trial plan for people to have a good look at it. For other plans, it offers 0-10M Events for $160 per million events, 10-100M Events for $140 per million events, 100M+ Events for $120 per million events. Moreover, it has an Annual Plan and Enterprise Edition plan which you need to contact a vendor.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

Find out now

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