Visitor Analytics Vs. Clear Analytics: 2020 Comparison That You Need

Visitor Analytics and Clear Analytics have what it takes to use your data to its full potential. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Visitor Analytics?

Visitor Analytics is a simple data analysis software that offers an overview of the traffic and performance of your website in real-time. Visitor Analytics is a platform features a comprehensive Dashboard that shows all the necessary statistics. These include indicators to help you get the information you need in a glance.

Strengthy apps allow users to dig deeper into the interaction of their guests. Helps them evaluate the activity and actions of each guest and draw high-quality insights. Such experiences help users to improve the overall experience of their guests.

And to implement effective campaigns and empower visitors to return and transform themselves.

Visitor Analytics is designed to be simple. This provides users with a platform that supports them in understanding analytics and statistics on the website, with little or no technical background.

Visitor Analytics Benefits


Visitor Analytics lets retailers, sales teams and developers leverage their traffic data to their maximum benefit even though there is no technological and statistical experience accessible. This insightful system for analysis shows visitors and links to the portal. 

It also comes with critical metrics through dashboards that are easy to understand. Excellent graphics and charts plus performance-based comparisons allow you and your team to know what traffic statistics and metrics mean on your website. 

You can use the information to identify pain points, subjects, and contents that catch the attention of your visitors. Also, you can create appropriate campaigns that are related to customers.

Captures Everything

Visitor Analytics records all the crucial information about your website visitors. These including their location and browsing history on top of your website’s stats and metrics such as conversion rates, URL campaigns, page performance, and other valuable data.

The software makes it easy for you, your marketing staff and company executives to quickly identify paths and spot issues in your websites. This allows for immediate and effective actions to improve traffic.

It helps visitors find your relevant and relatable content, ads and campaigns. Visitor Analytics helps you see the big picture to make sure you provide content that resonates with them.

Pricing Plans:

It does offer a free trial for you to have a good look at it. As for other plans, it has Startup for $4.70 per month, Growing Business

for $9.52 per month, Professional for $16.86 per month, Executive

for $29.26 per month, and Custom which you need to contact the vendor.

What is Clear Analytics?

Clear Analytics is a concise and reliable document and a straightforward perspective into companies. Business Intelligence is a software provider that meets all your marketing and business needs. 

Customers can check on business needs using efficient and visually rich software. We will move forward together through straightforward auditing.

Simple analytics provides software solutions that require fewer gathering assets. It also collects information and performs the inhumanly impossible task.

 All this is done at the rate of 100% precision and business efficiency which allows a new user to produce state-of-the-art excellent reports.

Clear Analytics helps clients to forecast the risk and to analyze growth in advance so that business decisions can be made better. 

Business intelligence facilitates the task for companies to reduce the need for more IT professionals and to collect large amounts of data. 

Also, new staff is encouraged to produce high-level reviews on excellent results and research that therefore help the company to grow.

Overview Benefits


Clear Analytics works to make data available to all to improve business people and of establishing direct contact between consumers and the organization.

The program provides simple options for convenient use. It allows the user to produce efficient and reliable reports according to specific business criteria. 

Both beginner and casual clients utilize their advanced and powerful business intelligence capabilities to offer great knowledge in Excel, unlike other software where it will take years to achieve the same data analysis.

Easy To Use

The software makes collecting big data from different, secure sources simple for consumers. It also describes it as technical documents that are easy to understand and appreciate. 

This leads to a quicker decision-making process, which is accompanied by reliable data altogether. It is also extremely workable.

 The company may also publish the information generated by using intelligent business tools to share insights with even more audiences in the portal.

Timely And Friendly Customer Services

Simple analytics is seen as prompt and effective solutions to consumers whose outcomes are visible in their consumer satisfaction rate. Customer feedback demonstrates the trust and reliability of consumer service in recognizing user-end problems.

Pricing Plans

Clear Analytics offers two plans which are a free trial and by a quote which you need to contact a vendor.

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