Upsolver Vs. Zepto: Full Review And Comparison

Upsolver and Zepto can make your life easier as it takes care of your data. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Upsolver?

Upsolver is a data lake system that allows data sharing from different sources simpler and more responsive to effective and accurate analytics. Moreover, it is a highly effective data lake system, which can manage and process data petabytes in just a few minutes of analytics.

The technology effectively eliminates the need for a massive amount of time and money to store, process and access streaming data. By using state-of-the-art volcanic technology and sophisticated computing methods, Upsolver can do this.

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Also, the program provides an easy drag and drop interface that makes streaming and transforming company data into workable analysis easy for almost everyone.

Overview Benefits

Simplified Data

Upsolver offers you a data lake platform that gives you total easiness in streaming information and consumption. Thanks to its intuitive drag and drop design and to the ability to provide data from nearly everywhere, you can easily integrate data from the Kafka or Kinesis to the data lake or any data output that you prefer.

The software supports a multitude of data formats that allow you to sweat-free input and output formats like JSON, CSV / TSV, Avro, Parquet, and Protobuf.

Automated Data Management

If you do so in the old way, handling the AWS S3 information is challenging. But with Upsolver, when it comes to data management, you empower technology to take the driver seat. 

The code does everything possible for managing the underlying database management and information optimization. Also, Upsolver breaks large files automatically and compacts small groups of data.

 This uses a guided hot-cold design to make sure the S3 information stays fresh. Furthermore, Upsolver executes information partitions as well. All of this guarantees the optimum performance of your S3.

Advanced-Data Managing

You will grasp and use tons of data to work with and flow it into analytics. Moreover, Upsolver quickly and painlessly allows this whole operation.

The software is so efficient that petabytes of information can be downloaded and processed in minutes. In other words, Upsolver gives you the size of a data lake for computational features of an archive.

Pricing Plans:

Upsolver offers a free trial for you try it out and also a Quote-Based Plan which you need to contact a vendor.

What is Zepto?

Zepto is an AI-based business intelligence and data analytics application that has no other similar platforms. Moreover, even casual users can easily create informative dashboards and get very actionable insight from their business data thanks to its comfortable and intuitive architecture.

Everybody can easily understand their business data within three simple steps. We just have to add their standardized table information to the Zepto tab and decide in English what they want to learn. 

Zepto then searches the business data and creates dashboards of maps that clients can consume quickly.

Zepto removes the need to extract information from rising business data for data scientists and business intelligence analysts. This does all the grunt work and offers feedback that the client can appreciate and use.

Overview Benefits

Equipped With AI-Powered Analytics 

Zepto utilizes artificial intelligence software to take a closer look at your business information and to give you feedback that is relevant just a few clicks. No extensive data analysis experience or a business intelligence analyst is required to assist you in making sense of your results. 

Zepto’s advanced AI system captures all of your personal information and provides you and your organization with valuable insights.

Better Search And Questioning

All you have to do with Zepto’s NLP Framework is to insert your information query and Zepto’s innovative AI will provide you with the most appropriate answers. These can provide market predictions based on the AI forecast and statistical modeling powered by Zeptop.

Simple To Set Up

The begin is a walk in the park with your dashboard. You will not need complicated steps to handle your dashboard in just three clicks, complete with your KPIs.

IT staff will not have to do anything.

Better Collaboration

All files, charts, and dashboards, created in the Zepto environment, can be accessed by you and other users in a single version to enable better and more productive collaboration with all users with the single source file.

Virtual Reality

VR software lets you experience your information with highly detailed charts created by a 3D VR engine more creatively and interactively.

Pricing Plans

It offers a free plan, Basic for $69 per user/month, Team for $245 per team/month, and a Corporate which you need to contact a vendor.

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