TypeForm Vs. QuestionPro: Full Review And Comparison


With tools like TypeForm and QuestionPro, boosting your data analytics process is easier than ever. Check out this post to find out more.

What is TypeForm?

TypeForm is a device management method. Strategies and surveys play an important role in businesses, governments, and organizations.

And, sadly, as technology simplifies everything, it always makes people boring things, but you’re simply trying to do this.

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Typeform aims to solve this issue through fun and pleasant interfaces. To do that, it has altered the document’s traditional structure and blank frames.

This contains other interactive media that allow the target group a member of the thrilling experience, i.e. activities.

Making a type of model is very basic, but much different than others on the market implementations. The individuality and the reactivity of the shapes to various devices. There are also many other advanced features that distinguish the type from the contest.

Overview Benefits

Easy To Use

Forms are as simple as walking the Typeform Forest. You can create styles of your choice easily and flexibly with a drag and drop feature with many artifacts.

Surveys can include multiple choice of queries, images, rating schemes, and display scales. You will satisfy the multiple interests of your target audience. The interactive and user-friendly interface of Typeform is the highest possible cherry for enjoyable and realistic surveys.

Free API

The Free Typeform API is designed to take into account and be quick to use the practical application. The surveys and models are integrated into other applications via the API.

In addition to the free API, Typeform has data export options to simplify the mission. The Logic Jumps is another interesting aspect that can be used to build templates and surveys through Typeform. You will use Reasoning Jumps to merge the survey reasoning and the sorting software.

Better Results

Typeform improves the return rate of your surveys and methods. This makes you trustworthy and more reliable data to analyze it further and to achieve accurate results. And one of the most exciting features is that even with the free account you will make unlimited forms perhaps surveys.

When mixed, the surveys and applications are highly attractive and persuade the target audience more and more to fill out the forms.

What is QuestionPro?

QuestionPro is a Web-based surveying method equivalent to businesses in the case of small to medium-sized firms. This makes it easy for organizations to produce online surveys and comments and to share opinions and suggestions with a certain group of users.

With millions of customers globally, QuestionPro Inc. has developed this platform and creates online survey and workflow solutions. QuestionPro includes over 30 types of questions, including several survey models that have already been created.

The companies are able to pick more than 20 eligible survey subjects. It uses software incorporated for configuring headers and footprints for the full marking of surveys with corporate logos, videos, audio, images, and HTML content.

Each survey shows the progress bar which helps to understand the proportion of the sample that has been done. Users can construct tailor-made surveys by making certain fields mandatory for respondents and other fields optional.

The study, therefore, means that the key concerns are addressed.

More Info

QuestionPro can also be used to show the overall results after the sample is completed in order to determine the number of questions posed by the respondent.

Documentation in CSV, Excel and other formats can be provided. In addition, users will share surveys with respondents and receive answers through mobile applications on Android and iOS tablets and smart devices.

Overview Benefits

Better Integration

Using QuestionPro to build trained, customized and brand-name surveys with a corporate logo and themes quickly. The program allows you to attach digital artifacts to pictures, videos, emojis, and illustrations, among others.

It offers thorough monitoring of surveys such as obligating respondents to fill out these fields before the study is finished.

In turn, you can share surveys online or offline with interviewees and spread surveys via social media, telephones, smartphones and QR codes.

Multilingual Support

The app offers thousands of world languages multi-lingual support. Surveys are possible. You can quickly create on-line surveys and surveys via the groundbreaking web-based software framework of the app.

You can build your survey, copy a written questionnaire prototype or upload your survey from a Word file directly. The QuestionPro makes it easy to create large polls, questionnaires, and more than thirty queries.

More Tools

Treat your customers everywhere to the problem. The program includes news reports and online integrations and pop-up and exit surveys, like social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

For mobile devices and laptops, QuestionPro screens look fantastic, and you can even gather answers offline using iOS and Android smartphone apps.

Encourages Research      

The curriculum facilitates the information exchange and creative creation of infographics for customized PowerPoint and Word data.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

Find out now

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