Top Product Analytics: CXAIR Platform 2020 Full Review

With the help of the CXAIR Platform, your data can be fully utilized in the best way possible. Check out this post to find out more. 

What is the CXAIR Platform?

CXAIR Group is the UK technology solutions supplier, Connexica information and business analysis software platform. Connexica The software was designed to help companies turn disconnected using either cloud-hosted or on-site download solutions.

CXAIR Platform also integrates the information into a centralized resource. This allows organizations to track information and obtain reliable performance analysis and actionable data perspectives. 

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This ensures that you can rely on reliable data to make practical evidence-based decisions. The software is suitable for banking, finance and healthcare organizations with its resources and apps.

Especially organizations, which manage significant data volumes but need easily accessible details and reliable information to function properly. The CXAIR system from Connexica will efficiently merge unstructured, semi-structured and organized data to create a single consolidated software repository. 

Ultra-fast recovery is possible because the data is stored and organized in standardized indexes. You will access the software of your enterprise and get feedback quickly and easily through its original data exploration tools that render things simple to accomplish.

A variety of reports, tablets, and pre-canned analyses can be generated through the Software. They can be adapted to the user roles and the role of requirements. Privileges for data access can also be established to ensure that those data in your data are only used by those who are authorized to do the job.

CXAIR Platform Overview Benefits

Flexible Platform

CXAIR Platform is powered by search engine technology from Apache Lucene to ensure that stored data is optimized for quick recovery. The high-performance system was designed to scale across an organization and to offer a swift user experience, even though there is a large number of documents in information discovery and analysis.

Better Approach

The versatility of the implementation of CXAIR ensures that you blend into the existing IT system of your enterprise. For starters, you can feed into the CXAIR system in your data warehouse and link them to other data sources. 

If you like, you can substitute CXAIR for your whole store. However you want to, for your convenience and relax, CXAIR retains data integrity and compatibility from whatever origin.

Connect Data

You will never work on disparate silo data from your organizations ‘ different departments. To get a consolidated view you can connect all your varied and separate data. 

That means you have a clear picture of your business and health. You can also provide concise and specific feedback when you agree and take action at the next stage.

Eliminate Bad Decision Making

While gut works for some people, it won’t work for many. Wise business choices require empirical data and metrics to be made. With the CXAIR framework, you get insight into information exploration. 

This will direct you through actions based on evidence that are credible and can quickly respond to evolving business environments. The modern approach to staying ahead of the competition is flexible in business decisions.

Empower Users

Average corporate users may not be technically competent or IT skilled. This is no concern because CXAIR can be run conveniently and optimally to satisfy particular needs.

You will view and get the data you want and provide correct feedback from collected information without using any IT system. This gives users the regular power of insights and business intelligence.

Reduce IT Activity

You do not have to be completely dependent on your IT department for knowledge and answers to questions while talking about IT. As a self-service information discovery and evaluation tool, CXAIR can do it for you.

And the IT department can do wonder if they have, drastically reducing the burden and bottlenecks of data, say goodbye to the long queue of IT applications.

Affordable Option

In the absence of expensive SQL servers or Oracle licenses, CXAIR offers companies an affordable option. This offers automation and knowledge processing without expensive equipment and services for the information management needs of a client. 

Therefore you can easily deploy and load information, and you are prepared to provide insight in just days immediately. This is a fast ROI period compared to conventional BI integration and data management.

Problems And Solution

Multiple Systems

A bank marketing manager wants to find ways to drive customer engagement, strengthen promotional campaigns, and monitor campaign ROI. But the customer data he needs are spread across multiple systems in the company.

CXAIR can create a single view of customers by connecting multiple systems from their touchpoints. It can provide details needed for customer engagement and campaign ROI analysis, among others.


The CEO of a healthcare company needs to build a standardized digital board kit for the quarterly board meeting. Sadly, the new set up ensures that all the divisions gather their data one week in advance of the conference and give a fixed presentation. 

The CEO uses CXAIR to provide a common portal to allow the department, with real-time views and an updated, pre-designed board pack, to directly feed the information to the CEO. In fact, an automated pseudonymization feature guarantees information security.

Outgrown Setup

A bike store owner who relied heavily on Excel to monitor, document and analyze data. He concluded that, with its development, the information failed to meet inventory and storage criteria, and that employees carried through obsolete spreadsheets. 

CXAIR provides a robust system that covers in real-time both administrative and institutional information needs. This offers a detailed overview of the products available that are weak, unfavorable or bestseller.

Pricing Plans:

It offers a free trial and a Starter plan for £5,000 per year.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

Find out now

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