Top Product Analytics Comparison: Yellowfin Vs. Periscope Data

Yellowfin and Periscope Data have what it takes to fully optimize your data. Check out this post to find out more about this post.

What is Yellowfin?

You will gain operational observations and data-driven forecasts from the performance of the company by using business intelligence technology Yellowfin. A unified structured system, though it can be used to classify the outcomes of your activities, takes a step further by presenting you with detailed explanations for why you have obtained such results. 

In this way, it becomes simpler for you to achieve a better view of the knowledge and optimize it by cleverer business decisions. Yellowfin provides the full BI platform as a total analytics approach by splitting a commodity for evaluation and a product for information transformation.

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His product set also provides pioneering methods for customer engagement and digital perspectives. You can automatically dispatch information for review using its full, web-based ETL and visual data processing software. 

Users can choose between connecting directly to data sources such as plugging in software scientific models or creating a network to turn data into practical insights. Storytelling is included in the framework to provide fully interactive data.

Overview of Yellowfin Benefits

Complete BI Solution

Yellowfin makes use of a complete BI stack that can help you with multiple data analytics problems. Whether you need data transformation, automated insights, or collaboration tools, this software will provide you with the tools you need. 

It even comes equipped with robust enterprise governance features that let you use your BI in line with fine-grained security. With this, it is easier to create detailed approval workflows that let you deploy trustworthy data across the organization.

Easy Adoption

One of Yellowfin’s key characteristics is that it is a single built-in interface. It allows customers to install them on-site or in the cloud–which is better for your company. 

You can use the business intelligence software tools that suit the application setup to ensure the entire organization is incorporated by the clients.

Comprehensible Analytics

Yellowfin provides a full storyboard of stories and information about the value of your software perspectives. It lets you share solid presentations quickly, mix live and digital documents and use individual messages, pictures, and videos

This is even for phone access so that you can post your lectures on-the-go. Content feedback and bookmarking are also permitted to make the report shared and interactive.

Data Transparency

There are many ways to present and digest data. This is why Yellowfin is built to support all types of dashboards.

These are analytical, operational and strategic. Analytical dashboards simplify data exploration for anyone that they are highly interactive and link all data together.

Operational dashboards empower independent users to access and understand personalized information in real-time. Meanwhile, strategic dashboards show you various data sources with high-level summary reports and KPIs so you can easily monitor what’s important.

Deeper Insights

A key aspect of all businesses is to figure out how the business information can be used. To support you, Yellowfin provides digital help by merging human intuition with machine learning. 

You do not have to ingest the information to search for a proper perspective if you need a comment. Instead, all that you need to do is query and search at information for quantitative reasons and take some steps to find the findings that are most statistically relevant and provide it with a diagram and explanations that are easy to understand.

Better Visualization

You can easily view and analyze information through sophisticated simulation of the code without any coding criteria. This includes over 50 forms of graphs, including diagrams, illustrations and GIS maps, to help you understand the business in the right light.

 Information mining frequently allows you to test and uncover valuable insights, developments, patterns, and outliers.

What is Periscope Data?

Sisense Periscope Data is an innovative analysis tool without losing features and versatility. This system, which is world-wide respected by data experts and business users, allows users to create, archive, interpret, view and monitor information from various sources on a single linked network.

This links all information sources to evaluate, access and share views. A group of hackers in San François created the Periscope info.

It was designed to provide organizations of all sizes with a platform where information can be stored safely, requests and design checks can be conducted.

Users can also show key aspects of their company using SQL, Python, and R through highly interactive graphical displays and filters. This allows consumers to gain simple perspectives that boost their activities more. 

Having recently merged with Sisense, Periscope Data often helps you to gather data from multiple sources as smoothly as possible. Innovative companies including Microsoft, Crunchbase, Flexport, EY, and ZipRecruiter use it.

Overview of Periscope Data Benefits

Simple Interface

Periscope Data offers the Ad-Hoc Question tool to help you answer different types of inquiries more effectively. This software was designed to allow you to manage without troublesome of the most complex data analyses. 

This search method allows for the development of data models and more.

If you have several things to glance at, Periscope Data offers you dashboards for all of them. Such Dashboards come with several filters to remove the most important information from the client.

The visual interface of patterns, maps, and other forms enable you to grasp the success of your company’s various departments. The dashboard information can be automatically converted into documents and sent via email. You can, therefore, departmental and external updates to your customers more creatively appealing.

Better Data Analysis

The data analysis process goes beyond querying and drawing conclusions. It also involves the collection, purification, and organization of tedious information. 

You can cut down your time on these worldly aspects of your workflow with Periscope Data so that you can focus more on getting effective insights. A drag-and-drop intuitive interface is provided on the platform.

This allows basic computations to be done and visualizations to be created without typing long codes. It also includes data intake, which can process information independently of competition or complexity.


Request development can be very difficult if you are unable to utilize various types of programming languages. This is not valid for Periscope Information. 

The platform supports SQL, Python, and R to allow you to program in the language you learn the most. 

For example, a SQL editor comes with an auto-complete, automatic, editing, filtering, and discovery background request editor.

This even has built-in summary statistics, making it easy to identify relationships between statements without having to review your queries manually. Should you want to perform more advanced analytics, you can use Python and R to prepare your datasets or perform analysis. 

These also come in handy for creating interactive visualizations from scratch. To top it all off, having the option to use all three languages, reusing codes and centralizing your business logic is made easier than ever. 

Engaging Reports

When you show the information in an organized way, you do not know much. Periscope Software has an advanced Data Viewing Kit that includes a wide variety of map solutions.

You can even construct your own from scratch so that the information can conveniently be viewed in the way you like. 

Regardless of whether you want to use box plots to show the distribution of information or the grids of the population, this tool has the charting choice that you need.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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