Clear Analytics Vs. Zoho Analytics: Full Comparison And Review

Clear Analytics and Zoho Analytics have what it takes to make your data to reach its full potential. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Clear Analytics?

Clear Analytics is an accurate, expedient document and a clear market awareness tool. The software vendors use business intelligence to satisfy the business and marketing requirements.

Customers empower themselves with quick, effective and visually rich data regarding business needs and innovations. Simple analytics provides software solutions that need fewer human resources to obtain, process and complete data inhumanely.

Clear Analytics has 100% consistency and performance help a novice consumer generate technical reports of excellence.

Simple research helps customers to anticipate risks and track progress over time in order to produce better business decisions. Business intelligence helps to reduce competitive competition and to produce large amounts of data.

New employees often promote high-quality reviews and feedback to strengthen the business.

Overview Benefits

Empower Your Company

ClearAnalytics works to make information available to everyone by allowing businesses to create direct customer-corporate connections. The program provides easy-to-use solutions.

This allows customers to generate reliable and accurate documents in compliance with specific business criteria.

The novice and the average user gain great Excel expertise thanks to sophisticated and reliable business intelligence instruments. It would take years to complete the same data analysis, compared to other instruments.

Easy to Use

The software makes it easier for users to extract large data from various reliable sources. He presents it as an easily comprehensible and understandable professional report.

This leads to a fast and fully supported decision-making process driven by reliable information and highly operational insights. The information generated utilizing intelligent business software may also be posted on the Platform to a broader audience.

Friendly Customer Services

Simple measurements are considered prompt and consumer-friendly products whose results are clear at their level of customer satisfaction. Customer reviews indicate customer support trust and consistency in the understanding of end-user issues.

Problems That It Can Solve

ERP system

Managers needed a clearer picture on the ground of the progress of their businessmen. The traditional presentation of the ERP did not, though, provide the requisite insight.

Clear analytics were implemented so that the company can create reports directly within Excel to connect directly to the ERP database. Clear Analytics designed documents for executive managers to perform each day and post on an IOS / Android app to display dashboards.

High-Level View Business

A construction company needed the sight of a bird on current projects. Clear information from database histories, community profiles, KPI and quality metrics have been obtained using this method. Clear details have been collected.

Clear research allowed the company to review and merge all the various data points into a single table in order to get a real view of each venture.

Cost Reduction

An existing business intelligence system is highly expensive and requires qualified consultants to manage and generate documents that often take weeks or months. The introduction of straightforward analyzes did not only drastically cut their annual subscription costs by 60%.

Yet the software designer was able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce business files in Excel.

What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is a data analytics tool that offers pragmatic analysis and insightful visualization of knowledge. This tool has been upgraded to a robust business intelligence service and data analysis and online reports platform. This was previously known as “Zoho reports.”

This detects secret facts, patterns track major corporate behavior and recognizes outliners. The tool provides strong reports for anyone within your organization without IT assistance.

Zoho Analytics offers a description of your organization’s health and performance through different departments by gathering data from different places. For drilling tests, users can then use data such as graphics to create maps and Dashboards.

No skills are required for the drag and drop editor of the device. Trust in the system facilitates highly free teamwork.

More Info

You will easily share and post articles, emails and qualitative feedback with your team members, buyers, and sellers. Contact with them. Communication with them. Everyone is aware of an occurrence or an increase in real-time with insightful software alerts.

Zoho Analytics has a smart Zia assistant as well. Zia can provide answers to your questions using KPI monitors and documents focused on artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning software.

It means you combine branding-based assessments. It is accessible on all mobile devices. This is both iOS and Android and is used in a range of third-party apps. You can download the software on request through Zoho Analytics ‘ cloud-based solution.


Advanced-Data Gathering

Zoho Analytics helps you to analyze knowledge using a simple-to-follow guide from various sources, like servers, online device and offline or smartphone devices.

The method of fusion, printing, purification, partitioning, and feed calculation enables the incorporation and charging of data.

Advanced Dashboards

The application dashboards give you a quick and complete overview of the key business areas such as documents, extensive text templates, photographs, and KPI widgets.

The drag & fall feature of Zoho Analytics also accomplishes dashboard development. Layouts are extremely flexible with richly written URL text and image connections.

Meanwhile, there are also enticing topics in it that you may opt to build yourself.

Drag-and-drop interface

The start of a map can be easily found on the application dashboard. It has a drag and drops GUI to construct the map you need without coding with columns. Drag-and-drops without.

The list includes the usable thermal graphs, columns, circles, regional maps, panel and stack zones. You can choose from the collection of charts.

 The diagrams with several Y-axis and robust Filters can also be designed easily for exploratory study and boring of the data.

Pivot Tables

Zoho Analytics offers the ability to include pivot table settings in a complex and collaborative examination of major data sets. It can be split into various levels to produce more comprehensive summaries and organized by necessary columns or decisions.

The cells in the data table are designed to suit the circumstances with conditional formats.

Google Analytics Vs. Zoho Analytics: Product Analytics Comparison And Review

Google Analytics and Zoho Analytics have what it takes to analyze your data in the most compelling way. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the world’s most popular web analytics freemium platform for thousands of companies worldwide. It has implemented business intelligence requirements since it was introduced in 2005. It also incorporates several advanced predictive capabilities both for conventional and for mobile users. 

Google Analytics deals with certain funnel modeling tools with an emphasis on quality and usability. It also summarizes high-level dashboard data from which users can draw different types of reports.

This deals with Google Analytics monitoring software, rendering this application exclusive. It loads bigger web server JavaScript files and sets parameters for each one of them. 

The software is immediately enabled and the appropriate app information is obtained when the client begins browsing his website. Cookies are often sent to the users’ phones when the key is activated.

It gathers confidential ClientID data and analyzes the behavior of a particular user on the platform. Google Analytics is also accessible to smartphone users, as stated earlier. And offers a specially optimized software kit with ready-to-track web app codes.

These include PHP, ASP.NET, Perl or JavaScript sections. Google Analytics also offers a free lifetime package for individuals, startups and small companies. This as well as moderate quota prices for companies. 

This transparent payment scheme offers the forum for every involved business regardless of its size, sector or financial performance.


High Satisfaction Rate

Google Analytics ‘ observations into the platform are essential for every company’s commercial success. And there are a large number of happy users who can prove this.

It is because evaluating data meets the needs of every specific aspect of your process, from budget allocation to campaign efficiency.

Google Analytics benefits from taking us a day or two to list, so many prefer to keep to how this platform helps them understand visitors. It also discusses why they have viewed the page and, above all, exactly why they have not converted.

Advanced Reporting

As we all know, the best way to do business is to base decisions on empirical data and be at least a hundred percent sure we’re not throwing money away. Google Analytics makes this possible in a variety of ways, mostly with its four Advanced Reporting areas. 

Thanks to it, you will get to know who your audience is, how did those people get to your website. This is what they did while exploring it, and finally, if they converted or not.

Optimize marketing campaign

You can use it to optimize your Marketing campaign and devote time to activities that support your business once your data has been classified carefully in your dashboard. Another way of using the dashboard information is to thoroughly analyze content and understand the elements that don’t work very well on your website.

The system offers detailed actions and sales documents in which it is clear that the website does well. It saves money that you would otherwise invest to study the subject.

Better Allocating Budget

Google Analytics can help you intelligently allocate your budget by distinguishing between functioning and malfunctioning practices.

Moreover, you can produce a specific report on the increase/decline of the budget and you can see how different investments affect your budgets and calculate the exact percentage.

Pricing Plans

Google Analytics offers a free trial for you to have a good look at it. it also has a quote-based plan which you need to contact a vendor

What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is software for data analysis that provides you with actionable insights and makes data intuitive visualization. This tool, previously known as “Zoho Reports,” is upgraded to a robust business intelligence service, data analysis, and online reporting platform. 

It detects hidden insights, identifies trends, monitors important business measures and identifies outliers. The tool facilitates powerful reports without IT help for anyone in your organization.

Through collecting data from different outlets, Zoho Analytics gives you a bird’s eye view of your organization’s health and performance across various departments. Users can then use such information as graphics to create maps and dashboards for drilling results. 

The tool’s drag and fall editor does not require technical skills. Confidence in the system facilitates teamwork as it is highly free.

More Info

It is easy to share and publish reports with your team members, customers, and sellers, as well as make use of messages and contextual comments. communication with them. When an event or a spike happens, everyone is informed with smart data warnings in real-time.

Zoho Analytics also has an intelligent Zia assistant. Built on artificial intelligence, natural language treatment, and machine learning technology, Zia can provide answers to your questions by using KPI widgets and reports.

This method helps you to incorporate branding-based assessments. It can be used on every mobile device. This is iOS as well as Android and is used in a variety of applications from third parties. Including Zoho Analytics ‘ cloud-based solution, you should download the software on request.


Advanced-Data Gathering

Zoho Analytics allows you to evaluate information from multiple sources such as databases, cloud computing providers and offline or mobile apps utilizing an easy-to-follow wizard. 

This simplifies the integration and loading of information into the process for the fusion, formatting, purification, partitioning, and measurement of feeds.

Advanced Dashboards

The dashboards on the platform provide you with a quick yet complete overview of your key business parts such as reports, extensive text formats, images, and KPI widgets. 

Zoho Analytics ‘ drag & drop functionality also accomplishes the creation of dashboards. With richly formatted text for URL and image links, layouts are extremely flexible. 

In the meantime, it also contains attractive subjects, or you can choose to build your own.

Drag-and-drop interface

The beginning of a chart is easy and can be found on the dashboard of the platform. It has a drag and drop interface, which enables you to create the chart you need with drag and drop columns without any coding. without drag-and-drop.

You can select from a wide list of available types of charts including thermal maps, lines, bars, pasta, geographic maps, table, and stacked areas.

 Exploratory analyses and data boring can be done easily, as diagrams with multiple Y-axis and sturdy filters can be configured.

Pivot Tables

Zoho Analytics allows a complex and collaborative study of large data sets to include pivot table settings in its collection of functionality. It can be divided into several levels to build more comprehensive summaries and organized by columns or necessary choices. 

The data cells can be outlined in the table with conditional formatting to match the applicable circumstances.

 Pricing Plans

Zoho does come with a free trial for you to have an experience at it first. It also has plans like Basic for $22.50 per month, Standard for $45 per month, Premium for $112.50 per month, Enterprise $445.50per month, and Professional Edition $2,395 per year.