Mixpanel Vs. Clear Analytics: Full Review And Comparison

Mixpanel and Clear Analytics have what it takes to take your data analyzing to the next level, giving better planning and results. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is a mobile and web interactive creative tool. Mixpanel takes a different approach while most programs assess and interpret the conduct or acts of individuals obtaining the software or application.

The actions with the Mixpanel could be anything. For example, someone could upload, stream or e-mail a clip.

Mixpanel has been established to monitor and measure customers ‘ preferences accurately, irrespective of the size, for businesses and organizations. This specific role was once reserved for large, highly funded companies.

 Via Mixpanel, consumer monitoring now offers small and large businesses the ability to control their output

Mixpanel Benefits

Flexible Analytics Tool

Mixpanel offers a reliable and accurate analysis of consumer behavior for mobile and web applications. In one month, the Mixpanel estimates 67 billion acts. This information is transmitted to its customers easily, comprehensively and easily.

Either a web-based software or iOS / Android, metrics can be easily measured, not only page views.

Although most information analyzes often include writing SQL queries that are useful to technicians and data scientists, the same can not be said for ordinary people that just want the details they don’t need to decode.

Simple And Easy To Use

Through data analysis don’t need to be efficient. Mixpanel provides an easy-to-use training system. It also studies that users are handling themselves within the system and how they use it.

Simply put, it is an event-centric device to capture page views and clicks not to track and compare. It is a tool that checks the request by case.

Organizations used Mixpanel for activity tracking, advertising, and trend recognition. Mixpanel is more concentrated and has multiple outcome solutions relative to other analytical products providers.

Mixpanel has just become a stroll through the Park to improve the brand, focused on consumers ‘ behaviors across thousands of experiences and feedback. You will derive it.

What is Clear Analytics?

Clear Analytics is a concise, expeditious report and a clear market awareness process. In order to meet all of the business and marketing demands, software vendors utilize business intelligence.

Customers should refresh themselves with quick auditing with effective and visually rich data on business needs and growth. Simple research offers software solutions that allow fewer human resources for data to be gathered and analyzed and done inhumanely.

The 100% performance and efficiency of the business allows an expert client to generate detailed evidence of excellence.

Simple research allows customers to predict risks and to track progress over time in order to develop better business decisions. The goal of the industry is to reduce the need for more IT workers to generate large quantities of data.

In fact, new employees promote high-quality feedback and observations to strengthen the business.

Overview Benefits

Empower Your Company

Through empowering entrepreneurs and creating direct contacts between consumer and business, ClearAnalytics aims to make information available to everyone. Its program offers simple to use solutions.

This allows the consumer to document efficiently and reliably according to specific business requirements.

Beginners, as well as informal consumers, gain an excellent knowledge of Excel through advanced and powerful tools. It would take years, compared to other tools, to perform the same data analysis.

Easy to Use

The program makes it easy for consumers to collect broad data from various reliable sources. It describes it as an easily understandable technical document.

This leads to a faster decision-making process which is completely supported and driven by reliable and operational insights. The data generated by smart business software can also be shared on the PowerBI.com Platform with an even wider audience.

Friendly Customer Services

Easy tests are seen as fast and user-friendly goods whose effects are evident in terms of customer service. In the customer reviews, the customer’s trust and consistency in identifying end-user challenges are shown.

Problems That It Can Solve

ERP system

Managers needed a clearer picture of the path of progress of their businessmen. Nevertheless, little insight was offered by the traditional ERP presentations.

Simple analytics have been introduced specifically linked to the ERP server to allow the company to generate documents in Excel. Clear Analytics designed documents for corporate officers, which operate every day for a display of dashboards by publishing on an IOS / Android app.

High-Level View Business

A building company was looking for a bird’s eye on current projects. A clear analysis was used to collect data from the Cloud Timesheet and from local accounts. Clear details have been collected.

Clean research allowed the organization to review all the various data sources and bring them together into one table in order to get a true look at all programs.

Cost Reduction

An existing business intelligence system is extremely expensive and requires specialist experts to manage and generate documents that take normally weeks or months. The introduction of simple analytics has not only drastically reduced its annual subscription costs by 60%.

Nonetheless, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been rescued by software developers when client customers are able to supply Excel files.

Clear Analytics Vs. Zoho Analytics: Full Comparison And Review

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What is Clear Analytics?

Clear Analytics is an accurate, expedient document and a clear market awareness tool. The software vendors use business intelligence to satisfy the business and marketing requirements.

Customers empower themselves with quick, effective and visually rich data regarding business needs and innovations. Simple analytics provides software solutions that need fewer human resources to obtain, process and complete data inhumanely.

Clear Analytics has 100% consistency and performance help a novice consumer generate technical reports of excellence.

Simple research helps customers to anticipate risks and track progress over time in order to produce better business decisions. Business intelligence helps to reduce competitive competition and to produce large amounts of data.

New employees often promote high-quality reviews and feedback to strengthen the business.

Overview Benefits

Empower Your Company

ClearAnalytics works to make information available to everyone by allowing businesses to create direct customer-corporate connections. The program provides easy-to-use solutions.

This allows customers to generate reliable and accurate documents in compliance with specific business criteria.

The novice and the average user gain great Excel expertise thanks to sophisticated and reliable business intelligence instruments. It would take years to complete the same data analysis, compared to other instruments.

Easy to Use

The software makes it easier for users to extract large data from various reliable sources. He presents it as an easily comprehensible and understandable professional report.

This leads to a fast and fully supported decision-making process driven by reliable information and highly operational insights. The information generated utilizing intelligent business software may also be posted on the PowerBI.com Platform to a broader audience.

Friendly Customer Services

Simple measurements are considered prompt and consumer-friendly products whose results are clear at their level of customer satisfaction. Customer reviews indicate customer support trust and consistency in the understanding of end-user issues.

Problems That It Can Solve

ERP system

Managers needed a clearer picture on the ground of the progress of their businessmen. The traditional presentation of the ERP did not, though, provide the requisite insight.

Clear analytics were implemented so that the company can create reports directly within Excel to connect directly to the ERP database. Clear Analytics designed documents for executive managers to perform each day and post on an IOS / Android app to display dashboards.

High-Level View Business

A construction company needed the sight of a bird on current projects. Clear information from database histories, community profiles, KPI and quality metrics have been obtained using this method. Clear details have been collected.

Clear research allowed the company to review and merge all the various data points into a single table in order to get a real view of each venture.

Cost Reduction

An existing business intelligence system is highly expensive and requires qualified consultants to manage and generate documents that often take weeks or months. The introduction of straightforward analyzes did not only drastically cut their annual subscription costs by 60%.

Yet the software designer was able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce business files in Excel.

What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is a data analytics tool that offers pragmatic analysis and insightful visualization of knowledge. This tool has been upgraded to a robust business intelligence service and data analysis and online reports platform. This was previously known as “Zoho reports.”

This detects secret facts, patterns track major corporate behavior and recognizes outliners. The tool provides strong reports for anyone within your organization without IT assistance.

Zoho Analytics offers a description of your organization’s health and performance through different departments by gathering data from different places. For drilling tests, users can then use data such as graphics to create maps and Dashboards.

No skills are required for the drag and drop editor of the device. Trust in the system facilitates highly free teamwork.

More Info

You will easily share and post articles, emails and qualitative feedback with your team members, buyers, and sellers. Contact with them. Communication with them. Everyone is aware of an occurrence or an increase in real-time with insightful software alerts.

Zoho Analytics has a smart Zia assistant as well. Zia can provide answers to your questions using KPI monitors and documents focused on artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning software.

It means you combine branding-based assessments. It is accessible on all mobile devices. This is both iOS and Android and is used in a range of third-party apps. You can download the software on request through Zoho Analytics ‘ cloud-based solution.


Advanced-Data Gathering

Zoho Analytics helps you to analyze knowledge using a simple-to-follow guide from various sources, like servers, online device and offline or smartphone devices.

The method of fusion, printing, purification, partitioning, and feed calculation enables the incorporation and charging of data.

Advanced Dashboards

The application dashboards give you a quick and complete overview of the key business areas such as documents, extensive text templates, photographs, and KPI widgets.

The drag & fall feature of Zoho Analytics also accomplishes dashboard development. Layouts are extremely flexible with richly written URL text and image connections.

Meanwhile, there are also enticing topics in it that you may opt to build yourself.

Drag-and-drop interface

The start of a map can be easily found on the application dashboard. It has a drag and drops GUI to construct the map you need without coding with columns. Drag-and-drops without.

The list includes the usable thermal graphs, columns, circles, regional maps, panel and stack zones. You can choose from the collection of charts.

 The diagrams with several Y-axis and robust Filters can also be designed easily for exploratory study and boring of the data.

Pivot Tables

Zoho Analytics offers the ability to include pivot table settings in a complex and collaborative examination of major data sets. It can be split into various levels to produce more comprehensive summaries and organized by necessary columns or decisions.

The cells in the data table are designed to suit the circumstances with conditional formats.

Clear Analytics Full Review: Benefits, Features, Price And More

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What is Clear Analytics?

Clear Analytics is an accurate, expeditious document and a clear method for market knowledge. The technology vendors utilize business intelligence to fulfill all your business and marketing needs. 

Clients will update themselves on business needs and development together with straightforward auditing with efficient and visually rich information. Clear analytics offers software solutions that demand fewer human resources to gather and process information and complete the work in an inhumane way. 

The 100 percent reliability and company quality level helps an inexperienced client to produce specialized excellence documents.

Clear Analytics allows the consumer to forecast threats and to monitor progress over time so that better business decisions can be created. Business intelligence enables the market challenge to reduce the need for more IT personnel and to generate vast quantities of data. 

Also, new workers encourage to produce high-level quality reviews and insights to enhance the company.

Overview Benefits

Empower Your Company

ClearAnalytics is working towards making data accessible to all by enabling businessmen and building direct contacts between customers and the company. The software offers simple options for easy use.

It allows the user to generate efficient and accurate reports following specific business requirements. 

Both beginner and casual consumers gain great Excel knowledge due to the advanced and powerful business intelligence tools. Unlike other instruments, it would take years for the same data analysis to be achieved.

Easy to Use

The software facilitates the extraction of large data from different reliable sources for users. It presents it as professional reports which can be easily understood and understood

This leads to a quicker decision-making process fully supported and driven by reliable information and highly operational insights. It can also publish the data created by using intelligent business tools to share the information with an even larger audience on the PowerBI.com Portal.

Friendly Customer Services

Simple metrics are regarded as prompt and consumer-friendly products whose outcomes are evident in their customer satisfaction level. The customer reviews demonstrate the trust and reliability of customer support in the perception of end-user issues.

Problems That It Can Solve

ERP system

Managers wanted a clearer picture of their entrepreneurs’ success on the field. Nonetheless, the typical ERP presentations did not convey the perspective necessary.

To connect directly to the ERP database, Clear analytics has been implemented so that the enterprise can generate reports right within Excel. For executive directors, Clear Analytics programmed reports to run every day and to publish on an IOS / Android app to view dashboards.

High-Level View Business

A building company wanted a bird’s eyesight over current projects. The clear analysis was used to collect data from the Cloud Timesheet, local accounting, and KPI and performance metrics tablets. Clear data was collected. 

Clean analysis enabled the company to consult and combine all the different data sources into one table to get a true view of all projects.

Cost Reduction

An existing Business Intelligence system is very costly and requires specialist consultants to keep and produce reports which often take weeks or months. Not only did the roll-out of clear analytics reduce their yearly subscription costs by 60 percent radically.

Yet hundreds of thousands of dollars were spared from software designers as corporate users could deliver documents in Excel.

Pricing Plans

It offers two plans which are a free trial and a Quote-based plan.

What Is Product Analytics?

The analytical approach is now one of the most important business developments. In general, people work on the consumer market, start swimming upstream to reach goals at the right time and curate customized posts. 

Sometimes they forget they have a card to play in this game, which is the info. 

Experts say that consumer analysis is the advanced use of market intelligence or BI and analytical software.

This utilizes service reports, stock returns, contracts, customer reviews, and sensor data to help manufacturers detect commodity faults, recognize the potential for developing products, identify patterns of product use or product attributes and relate all of those variables to customers. 

Social platform reviews should include product evaluation to protect consumer feedback. 

The software can proactively alert producers of repair and replacement needs in both corrective and predictive maintenance environments through the real-time analysis of usage data feeds.

It also helps you to support the right people on the road. The magnetic to machine or M2 M software also allows performing operations on a distributed basis.

Why Is It Important?

Product assessments are used by companies to evaluate and enhance their customer experience. The analytics system allows device management as the data collection and analysis are automated.

Brand owners, designers, and developers use this knowledge to guide their decisions and experiments to show that brand-related companies are much more effective. The brand research allows companies to fully understand how users interact with their output.

It is particularly helpful for technology products as teams gradually monitor customer signatures digitally and see what they are searching for or disliking.

Analytics is a critical part of modern product management because most programs and websites do not have a detailed analysis. The collected data are often contradictory and misinterpreted, without a critical review, called unstructured data.

Brand analytics make this information usable by combining all data sources into one unified view. Brand research will teach companies what their consumers want.

These actions are classified as exposed and very revealing. 

Anyone with a new year’s decision can not be extremely competent in predicting their potential and technology helps marketing managers to dig deeper than polls and client interviews involving people. 

The hyper-detailed data helps to improve options.

Visitor Analytics Vs. Clear Analytics: 2020 Comparison That You Need

Visitor Analytics and Clear Analytics have what it takes to use your data to its full potential. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Visitor Analytics?

Visitor Analytics is a simple data analysis software that offers an overview of the traffic and performance of your website in real-time. Visitor Analytics is a platform features a comprehensive Dashboard that shows all the necessary statistics. These include indicators to help you get the information you need in a glance.

Strengthy apps allow users to dig deeper into the interaction of their guests. Helps them evaluate the activity and actions of each guest and draw high-quality insights. Such experiences help users to improve the overall experience of their guests.

And to implement effective campaigns and empower visitors to return and transform themselves.

Visitor Analytics is designed to be simple. This provides users with a platform that supports them in understanding analytics and statistics on the website, with little or no technical background.

Visitor Analytics Benefits


Visitor Analytics lets retailers, sales teams and developers leverage their traffic data to their maximum benefit even though there is no technological and statistical experience accessible. This insightful system for analysis shows visitors and links to the portal. 

It also comes with critical metrics through dashboards that are easy to understand. Excellent graphics and charts plus performance-based comparisons allow you and your team to know what traffic statistics and metrics mean on your website. 

You can use the information to identify pain points, subjects, and contents that catch the attention of your visitors. Also, you can create appropriate campaigns that are related to customers.

Captures Everything

Visitor Analytics records all the crucial information about your website visitors. These including their location and browsing history on top of your website’s stats and metrics such as conversion rates, URL campaigns, page performance, and other valuable data.

The software makes it easy for you, your marketing staff and company executives to quickly identify paths and spot issues in your websites. This allows for immediate and effective actions to improve traffic.

It helps visitors find your relevant and relatable content, ads and campaigns. Visitor Analytics helps you see the big picture to make sure you provide content that resonates with them.

Pricing Plans:

It does offer a free trial for you to have a good look at it. As for other plans, it has Startup for $4.70 per month, Growing Business

for $9.52 per month, Professional for $16.86 per month, Executive

for $29.26 per month, and Custom which you need to contact the vendor.

What is Clear Analytics?

Clear Analytics is a concise and reliable document and a straightforward perspective into companies. Business Intelligence is a software provider that meets all your marketing and business needs. 

Customers can check on business needs using efficient and visually rich software. We will move forward together through straightforward auditing.

Simple analytics provides software solutions that require fewer gathering assets. It also collects information and performs the inhumanly impossible task.

 All this is done at the rate of 100% precision and business efficiency which allows a new user to produce state-of-the-art excellent reports.

Clear Analytics helps clients to forecast the risk and to analyze growth in advance so that business decisions can be made better. 

Business intelligence facilitates the task for companies to reduce the need for more IT professionals and to collect large amounts of data. 

Also, new staff is encouraged to produce high-level reviews on excellent results and research that therefore help the company to grow.

Overview Benefits


Clear Analytics works to make data available to all to improve business people and of establishing direct contact between consumers and the organization.

The program provides simple options for convenient use. It allows the user to produce efficient and reliable reports according to specific business criteria. 

Both beginner and casual clients utilize their advanced and powerful business intelligence capabilities to offer great knowledge in Excel, unlike other software where it will take years to achieve the same data analysis.

Easy To Use

The software makes collecting big data from different, secure sources simple for consumers. It also describes it as technical documents that are easy to understand and appreciate. 

This leads to a quicker decision-making process, which is accompanied by reliable data altogether. It is also extremely workable.

 The company may also publish the information generated by using intelligent business tools to share insights with even more audiences in the PowerBI.com portal.

Timely And Friendly Customer Services

Simple analytics is seen as prompt and effective solutions to consumers whose outcomes are visible in their consumer satisfaction rate. Customer feedback demonstrates the trust and reliability of consumer service in recognizing user-end problems.

Pricing Plans

Clear Analytics offers two plans which are a free trial and by a quote which you need to contact a vendor.