SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Vs Tableau: Comparison

To utilize your data you need tools like SAP BusinessObjects Lumira and Tableau. Check out this post to find out more.

What is SAP BusinessObjects Lumira?

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira is a platform allowing companies and organizations to access business information about themselves. It also gathers and analyzes only on one site all relevant information. 

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira will accurately tell the story of your business, however big the data may be. It provides demonstrations in the business sense of predefined outlines and complex tablets.

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SAP BusinessObjects Lumira is currently among the most famous SAP analyzes, well-integrated with the rest of its product and BI software to prevent the use of software from any third party. Lumira Sap BusinessObjects not only collects but also analyzes, protects and produces detailed and correct reports. Lumira does not only provide information.

Overview Benefits

Combine Information

The strength of SAP Business Objects Lumira is to pull information from various personal sources directly. It combines it effortlessly and regularly, so you don’t have to go back and forth over the painful process of classifying data.

Lumira is a collapse remedy before all else. You can manage information from one unit, typically just using a few buttons». The decreased need to select and navigate the origin contributes inevitably to reduced time for preparedness. Any large company struggling with long and complicated Tablets is important.

You can add geographic information to the traditional information framework, merge data based on certain attributions, and format it by your measures. It uses elaborate formulas without the know-how to cod.

Unique Analytics

Visualization is not just accurate, it is also attractive. There are a variety of unique analytical relations and multiline diagrams to identify simple trends. But in no time do an exercise in detail. 

Also available are radars, treemaps, cakes, and bubble charts.

Logically, improved insight leads to better productivity and flexibility of businesses. It creates a business environment in which you no longer rely on your information technology team.

Without the coding of software, automated calculations and transformations are now feasible and no predefined functions are required to discover the information. Lumira detects and provides good governance information on one IT-security model. SAP BusinessObjects Lumira

Pricing Plans:

It offers a free trial and a Standard Plan for $185.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a system that enables businesses to imagine and interpret their data. The software provides a revolutionary new approach to business intelligence, allows companies to link, envision and share data with a secure, seamless PC to iPad interface easily. 

You will build dashboards, post them and exchange them with your friends, coworkers or customers. But no programming skills are needed.

There will be no obstacle for data to flow seamlessly from one platform to the other if you already use a Tableau service. Tableau Desktop is a solution for self-service analytics that enables you to quickly look at data and answer questions. 

The Tableau Server allows you to publish dashboards on any web browser or mobile device from your Tableau Desktop. Below is an overview of the products of Tableau


Its software allows users to use an automated system, which is simple to use and scale, more information oriented. This software connects easily with hundreds of information sources, both in the cloud and on-site, to start research that helps you to answer questions, solve issues and find insights.

The client can raise more profound questions by using an elegant and visual interface that simplifies information processing, efficient estimation, and numerical summaries.


This product is for company analysis. Tableau Server can be easy to scale and deploy, either on cloud, Windows or Linux, in your workflows. It can also be integrated into your current security and authentication protocols seamlessly.

 It allows businesses to be data-driven with features such as content management, data sharing, collaboration, controlled data access, and a complete dashboard.


This software offers consumers with connectivity at any time. Its system, housed completely in the cloud, provides self-serve analytics and reduces the need for databases to be set up. This tests equipment and performs improvements to code.

It has a business-grade platform allowing consumers to easily access and share information on any app or mobile device.


This product is designed for companies to process data on a scale. It is ideal to speed up data analysis and combine, form and clean data without writing code. 

It has intelligent features to simplify the preparation of data and enhance data understanding with direct and visual feedback. Users can connect on-site or in the cloud to accelerate the process and to bridge the gap between data preparation and analyses, whether it’s a table or database.

Overview Benefits

Better Connection 

Tableau’s functionality allows users to quickly and easily connect it to a variety of software tools that you already use, import and visualize details. The company claims to have developed a data analysis system many times faster than its rivals ‘ one, thanks to modern technologies and running speed.

Easy And Friendly Interface

Tableau is a very simple method for such a powerful system of data analysis that requires only a couple of drag and drops steps. It is not shocking, that without extensive training, anyone can effectively use the program.

Advanced collaboration

Tableau encourages collaboration, ensuring that all team members know what is going on. Most of the functionality of Tableau is stored on a public Dashboard, with only a few clicks to access and process data. 

Even better, the system is mobile and ensures that agents can share their achievements with the same application and ask colleagues to cooperate.

Advanced-Data Investigation Method

Tableau investigates information from big, conventional Dashboards to dynamic cloud-based origin explorations, in many different ways. The client should merge methods and data views to enhance perspective instead of evaluating using a single method. 

In the end, these results are shown in the detailed representation of information which is rendered so clear that consumers and collaborators in different industries will easily share them.

Adaptable Pricing 

Tableau gives users the option to choose whether they want to install it in the cloud or on their local servers and provides monthly contracts and one-payment licenses to meet different corporations ‘ power. A versatile policy makes Tableau open to enterprises from all walks of life and sectors.

Pricing Plans:

Tableau offers a Free Trial for you to have a good look at it. It also has other plans like Viewer for $12 per user/month, Explorer for $35 per user/month, and Creator for $70 per user/month.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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