ReportPlus Vs QlikView: Top Product Analytics 2020

ReportPlus and QlikView have what it takes to make your data reach to its full potential. Check out this post to find out more.

What is ReportPlus?

ReportPlus is an information analysis tool that helps you to display the important business statistics on a single forum. It allows you to monitor and remain in touch with the performance of your business processes in real-time dashboards, interactive reports and accessibility anywhere. 

The service is available on any device. These are Windows, Mac desktops or smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android purposes.

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The program provides architecture diagrams focused on your desired implementation setup. Which is designed exclusively for accessing the information on-site or in the cloud.

The information is connected to cloud services, SQL on-site servers and local Excel tablets in real-time through their cloud-based solution. This makes it possible to build dashboards and review them anywhere and facilitates self-service BI without IT professionals.

It allows the development, editing, and posting of dashboards in your office or online. The on-site solution ensures IT-friendly installation and maintenance without concern.

Since it is deployed online or in a private cloud, the whole enterprise requires links to Online data. ReportPlus offers a real self-service BI with the ability to drag and drop, intuitive swiping and a wide variety of visualization types.

 For several industries, including finance, marketing, sales and operations, solutions are available. The effective data-driven approach is used with real-time insights, campaigns, and KPIs.

Overview Benefits

Easy To Use

The creation of dashboards is simplified through ReportPlus, as developed by experts in user experience. The software was designed to make it easy to turn the thoughts into actual visual objects. 

The platform navigation is easily carried out because the knowledge of software is not required. You can easily do this with a few clicks when you want to do an action. 

For example, the drag and drop feature allows you to connect quickly to popular data sources. Filter setup is made by tapping a field and you can simply swipe visualization types.


You can choose one that matches your structure depending on your preferred deployment configuration. You can create dashboards on Windows and iOS devices with only a single application. 

The necessary tools are easy to display data and to build calculations such as drag & drop, chart types and JavaScript API. Its functionality off – the-box allows you to maximize your Self-Service BI without relying on your IT service.

You can set refreshment thresholds and use cached information when you are not linked. Creations are stored on your phone and replicated in the Cloud so that the colleagues can refine the sharing experience and add to this. 

The latter can be purchased at a simple and easy subscription price. In the meantime, on-site integration is built in your personal or on-site database which provides the client with a knowledgeable team. 

This option is easy to install and to maintain, IT-friendly. Administrators are also allowed to manage client, system and directory level permissions.


ReportPlus has unlimited integrated dashboards in applications to extend your reach, market and create a tailor-made BI solution faster. It defines service involvement by ensuring that users benefit from an integrated partnership and support for products.

This includes training, workshops on architecture, installation, and creation of dashboards. The app is both innovative and dynamic in that it enhances marketing performance monitoring, business development monitoring, KPI visualization, and customer portfolio optimization. 

It enables analysis, maximizes features and gives priority to customer service.

More Action With Dashboards

In order to convey the information effectively, ReportPlus offers you more than 30 forms of visualizations. This simplifies the process of designing functional dashboards, as default templates can be built and customized further by modifying font and color. 

The program offers an excellent range of options for different types of business.

What is QlikView?

QlikView Business Intelligence solution enables users to develop their guidance analysis applications with system-gleaned data and insights. In turn, this enables organizations to respond more rapidly to changes in requirements and to provide useful insights that use throughout the organization.

You can use the Associative Data Indexing Engine of QlikView to find covert trends and patterns to inform your next actions. Detect data insights and connections across different sources and improve the quality of your business decisions.

QlikView provides both default and custom data connectors as well as open database connections in order to ensure a seamless flow of data between the different systems. The open API of the system ensures that QlikView literally fuses into all software ecosystems and therefore eliminates the need to use various different systems for data processing.

Developers gave users the opportunity to select the preferred deployment method in order to improve things even better. You may use QlikView in the cloud and purchase a license for a number of tokens that you want or combine them.

Unlike traditional systems, QlikView exposes links to standard tools which are not easy to find. It has a good collective capacity to make real team commitments for ideas and decisions.

Overview Benefits

Unique Data Search And Discovery

QlikView uses natural selection to explore and speed up the exploration. It provides personalized connectors, including imports from Salesforce, Hive, Teradata, and other common programs, alongside its standard connectors. 

QlikView is therefore perfectly applicable in all analytical scenarios. This is both when you run a small, local business and when you analyze large enterprises.

Prime Collaboration

All QlikView perspectives and information visualizations exchange so workers will analyze it in real-time. You are able to send those in the cloud and on the company database or actually reorganize software compatibility requirements and permissions.

Complete Control 

What QlikView users appreciate most is that it allows them to create personalized discoveries driven by data with guided paths and analyses. All findings are strictly controlled and highly personalized. 

This means that your employees will be guided and instructed in developing insights into how to make business decisions more meaningful.

Secure Environment

This is why BI programs treat confidential corporate data, and you need QlikView to insure that entry, maintenance and privileges are managed absolutely. QlikView guarantees that all dashboards and designs are granulated managed and assign users tasks.


In comparison to most traditional programs, QlikView gives users the exact tools to build their workplaces and process data in the required manner. You can use its scripts for creating custom applications or expanding your workbench creation.

QlikView is also a platform that can be quickly integrated and has robust APIs for communicating with various applications and business systems.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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