ReportPlus Vs. Leadlander: Top Product Analytics Review

With tools like ReportPlus and Leadlander, comparing and optimizing data is easier than before. Check out this post to find out more.

What is ReportPlus?

ReportPlus is a tool for visualizing important company statistics in a single system. You will be able to monitor and keep up to date on your business performance in real-time with dashboards, online documents and transparency anytime. 

The system can be activated through any device. These include Windows or Mac desktops, or smartphones and laptops like iOS and Android.

The program provides design diagrams depending on the implementation environment you want. We are specifically configured to access the information on-site or in the cloud.

The web-based solution connects the data in real-time with online servers, SQL on-site applications, and local Excel spreadsheets. This facilitates dashboards to be created and analyzed anywhere and supports self-service BI without the support of This professional. 

This allows the workers to build, update, and distribute dashboards on the spot or the go. The on-site approach is IT compliant, providing trouble-free servicing and deployment.

 As it is hosted on-premises or in a private cloud, the entire organization provides Online records.

 More Info

ReportPlus offers a true self-service BI with easy-to-use trailing, intuitive paddling and a wide range of display styles. For several industries, solutions are available.

It covers accounting, advertising, distribution, and services. Active data-driven strategies include real-time analytics, promotions, and KPIs.

Its program is designed by businesses and guarantees that company technologies are reviewed constantly to sustain your subscription. This means that your device has the latest features from the industry for overall better quality.

It also incorporates data sources without regard to limits or limitations. Security with built-in hardware encryption is given priority. The software or dashboard tier can set passwords while the administrators control access permissions.

You can also optimize a data visualization approach with Embedded BI using the application. This system helps you to retain the identity on your next device, web or mobile platform.

In each stage, they will provide you with a solid service commitment and product support, which is full of details to inspire the correct commitment.

ReportPlus Benefits

ReportPlus is among the most powerful and best-of-breed technology in its field when it comes to dashboard visualizations. It offers a range of features that allow consumers to provide the right data for critical business processes with great flexibility.

Independent Service

Create dashboards with ReportPlus as developed by user experts is streamlined. The app is touch-enabled to transform your ideas easily into actual visual representations. The platform is easily navigated because software knowledge is not necessary. 

You can easily do so with a few clicks if you want to act. The drag & drop option, for example, allows you to connect quickly to popular data sources. 

The selection of filters is done by tapping a field and by simply swiping the choice of viewing types. You only have to make one click when you disseminate your story across your team.

Meanwhile, depending on your preference, your dashboard can be saved in the cloud or in-house.

Cloud-Based Settings

You can choose one that suits your architecture according to your desired deployment configuration. You can build dashboards on Windows and iOS devices anywhere with only one program. 

All necessary tools, such as drag-and-drop, chart, and JavaScript API, are readily available for displaying data and build-up calculations. Due to its off – the-box usability, the Self-Service BI can be maximized without using the IT team.

You can set refresher rates and use cached information if you’re not connected. The creations are stored in the device in the cloud that you work on, synced and shared by the team that can also contribute. 

The latter is offered at a simple and easy subscription price. In the meantime, on-site software is built during the personal network or onsite, supplying a knowledgeable organization. 

This is easy to install and maintain IT. This feature is easy. Administrators are also empowered to monitor user, dashboard and folder-level authorizations.


ReportPlus provides limitless built-in dashboards in applications to extend your range, easily sell and build a personalized BI system. This determines the contribution to quality by ensuring that consumers have an effective relationship and product support. 

It involves practice, a lab for design, implementation, and development of dashboards. The software is also creative and flexible through sales quality monitoring.

We frequently monitor business patterns, show KPIs and optimize consumer portfolios. This innovative approach facilitates research, maximizes tasks and renders customer service a priority.

Friendly Interface

To effectively express your information, you can choose more than 30 styles of view ReportPlus to suit your needs. It simplifies the process of designing reliable dashboards since you can use preset themes to design them and to further modify fonts and colors by adjustment. 

The software offers an impressive range of applications to various industries.

What is LeadLander?

LeadLander is a data analysis tool package that gives you information about the website’s user activity. These analytical tools include marketing campaign analyzers to help you to calculate your campaign effectiveness.

Four marketing channels are used for LeadLander data recovery. Including Google AdWords, forms for contacts, email, and search.

From these sources of information, user activity reports are generated which give you accurate information about the consumer’s real-time activities, user history, location, etc.

LeadLander’s analyses help you determine how much traffic is generated from your marketing efforts. You know that initiative has managed to increase the traffic on your page.

You will realign your marketing efforts to the platforms that produce increased traffic and greater ROI for your client with this data.

Overview Benefits

 Real-time Analysis

LeadLander allows the user currently online on your website to be checked in real-time. You will figure out which pages of your Website you’re on and what keywords you used to get to your web on the search engines. 

You can also find information on visitors to your site yesterday, last week, or last month in comparison to the live data. Evaluation of email campaigns via LeadLander is faster and easier.

Not only do you know how many of your subscribers have received the e-mail, but you can also track their activity on your mails as well. Through this, you can see how many email subscribers arrive on your website, how long they visit pages and which links are clicked on.

Advanced Integration

LeadLander can quickly be combined with methods and questionnaire forms from other third parties. This helps you to evaluate users ‘ behaviors via online survey forms. 

The success of a certain online form you used to reach out to your clients can be calculated. You can do Google AdWords analytics quickly with LeadLander. 

The information on the visitors clicking on your ads is given to you. You can know the actions of the consumers after you have turned on the ads. It helps you to decide the products to promote in your publicity campaigns.

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