QuestionPro Vs. Confirmit: Top Review And Comparison

QuestionPro and Confirmit have what it takes to lift your data analysis into the next level. Check out this post to find out more.

What is QuestionPro?

QuestionPro is a web-based survey application for small and medium companies, the same as enterprises. It enables companies to easily create online polls and surveys, and share them with a targeted set of users to make business decisions based on the responses collected. 

The app has been developed by QuestionPro Inc. who design online survey and workflow software for millions of customers across the globe.

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QuestionPro includes multiple pre-built survey templates and more than 30 question types. This can be used by companies to create questionnaires and personalized surveys. 

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It offers resources to target respondents through e-mail, automated pop-ups, and social networking surveys. Facebook and Twitter are among others.

More than 20 qualified survey templates are essential for businesses. Incorporated software can be used to configure Headers and Footers for full branding of surveys with company logos, images, text, photographs, and HTML. 

Each survey shows a survey progress bar that helps the respondent to see the percentage of the survey done. Through making some fields mandatory to respondents and open the others, users may produce customizable surveys.

It means that the sample addresses the main questions. QuestionPro survey can also be used to measure the outcomes for the number of questions that the respondent answers and to provide general results immediately upon completion of the survey

The survey result can be exported to CSV, Excel, and other formats provided. Users can also exchange surveys with respondents and gather responses from Android and iOS tablets and Smartphones via the mobile app accessible.

Overview Benefits

Customized And Branded Surveys

You can use QuestionPro to conveniently generate qualified, personalized and endorsed surveys with corporate logo and subject matter. The app allows graphical features to be incorporated into your surveys.

These include images, photos, photographs, emojis, and illustrations. This provides full supervision, such as making it mandatory to complete those fields until respondents can finish surveys.

You can also post surveys online or offline with respondents. This is also carried out by using social media, e-mail, telephone, QR codes, and others in multiple ways.

You will build surveys with the software in hundreds of global languages. The app has multilingual help.

Better Online Polls, And Surveys

The app’s interactive web-based software interface will easily create online polls and surveys. You can make an application, copy a written survey prototype or upload a survey from a word file. 

The QuestionPro promotes the development of thrilling surveys and questions, with more than 30 question forms and decades of color topics.

Connect the consumers whenever they use polls, these are an email system, a database embedding, pop-up, and exit surveys or social networks.

Mobile Apps

QuestionPro surveys look great on laptops and mobile devices. Also, the iOS and Android smartphone survey apps will gather responses offline.

With a complete set of monitoring tools, QuestionPro allows reviewing simple. These provide text analysis, trend analysis, segmentation tools, leader tables and description in real-time. 

Your survey data can also be transferred directly to CSV, SPSS or Excel. The software promotes the exchange of information by compiling PowerPoint and Word files and producing enticing infographics.

Highly Qualified Respondents

For your next research project, use the QuestionPro collection of million highly qualified respondents. The seller’s experts can provide smart assistance for your sample requirements.

QuestionPro is a versatile alternative for colleges offering unlimited access to a maximum-paid license for every user of the program. A research team certificate enables professional teamwork and customized scripting for further review.

The smooth Salesforce technology incorporation and the flexible API in QuestionPro allow you to manage the data in full.

Multiple Export Platform

Documents and knowledge can be distributed to PowerPoint, Post, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Google Docs, and SPSS. Health is the vendor’s highest priority. QuestionPro complies with SSAE 16 (SOC 2), audited by a third party.

It has also been accredited by EU and Swiss Secure Hafen. SSL is the norm for surveys and data and SSO is accessible

What is Confirmit?

Confirm is an online survey platform that has been developed by market research companies and other workers. This helps you to collect important business data quickly and conveniently.

This represents a range of market research companies and internal research teams. It process requires end-to-end customer service delivery, streamlining operational efficiency and cost management systems. 

Confirm is pleased to be the world’s leading software provider of surveys and monitoring. It provides the most stable and accessible website.

Businesses have responded to consumers, industries, and staff through their industry-leading software and services, interpretation of knowledge and behavior to drive business development.

Overview Benefits

Better Survey Platforms

Confirm sophisticated survey architecture skills to construct highly complex surveys. Thus, the Consumer Voice, the Employee Voice, and market research services are promoted. 

With the ability to conduct an investigation, it can be distributed on several networks such as the Internet, CAPI, internet, smartphone, and computer. A broad range of available data collection platforms allows you to locate your interviewees.

You can, therefore, optimize the response rates and offer a successful survey experience. Confirm that your energy is used most effectively and performance can be maximized.

Huge Range Of Features

A wide range of apps can be used to improve response rates. It involves hundreds of insightful requests, multiple media clips and a dynamic selection of communication tools to reach the audience and gain insight. 

Task Management tracks the survey results, appoint the relevant team or person with concerns and necessary behavior. You can also inform about the caseload and ROI of the business so that you can turn a dissatisfied consumer into a happier one and control the expense.

Better Insight

With Confirmit’s text analytics solutions, you can gain insight into what is being said across different categories of your business.

It also provides categorization and sentiment analysis for free-form text, and automatically determines sentiment by category for each piece of content you need to analyze. 

In tests, Genius has delivered very high accuracy levels, often exceeding 90% accuracy and outperforming human analysis.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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