Visitor Analytics Vs. Clear Analytics: 2020 Comparison That You Need

Visitor Analytics and Clear Analytics have what it takes to use your data to its full potential. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Visitor Analytics?

Visitor Analytics is a simple data analysis software that offers an overview of the traffic and performance of your website in real-time. Visitor Analytics is a platform features a comprehensive Dashboard that shows all the necessary statistics. These include indicators to help you get the information you need in a glance.

Strengthy apps allow users to dig deeper into the interaction of their guests. Helps them evaluate the activity and actions of each guest and draw high-quality insights. Such experiences help users to improve the overall experience of their guests.

And to implement effective campaigns and empower visitors to return and transform themselves.

Visitor Analytics is designed to be simple. This provides users with a platform that supports them in understanding analytics and statistics on the website, with little or no technical background.

Visitor Analytics Benefits


Visitor Analytics lets retailers, sales teams and developers leverage their traffic data to their maximum benefit even though there is no technological and statistical experience accessible. This insightful system for analysis shows visitors and links to the portal. 

It also comes with critical metrics through dashboards that are easy to understand. Excellent graphics and charts plus performance-based comparisons allow you and your team to know what traffic statistics and metrics mean on your website. 

You can use the information to identify pain points, subjects, and contents that catch the attention of your visitors. Also, you can create appropriate campaigns that are related to customers.

Captures Everything

Visitor Analytics records all the crucial information about your website visitors. These including their location and browsing history on top of your website’s stats and metrics such as conversion rates, URL campaigns, page performance, and other valuable data.

The software makes it easy for you, your marketing staff and company executives to quickly identify paths and spot issues in your websites. This allows for immediate and effective actions to improve traffic.

It helps visitors find your relevant and relatable content, ads and campaigns. Visitor Analytics helps you see the big picture to make sure you provide content that resonates with them.

Pricing Plans:

It does offer a free trial for you to have a good look at it. As for other plans, it has Startup for $4.70 per month, Growing Business

for $9.52 per month, Professional for $16.86 per month, Executive

for $29.26 per month, and Custom which you need to contact the vendor.

What is Clear Analytics?

Clear Analytics is a concise and reliable document and a straightforward perspective into companies. Business Intelligence is a software provider that meets all your marketing and business needs. 

Customers can check on business needs using efficient and visually rich software. We will move forward together through straightforward auditing.

Simple analytics provides software solutions that require fewer gathering assets. It also collects information and performs the inhumanly impossible task.

 All this is done at the rate of 100% precision and business efficiency which allows a new user to produce state-of-the-art excellent reports.

Clear Analytics helps clients to forecast the risk and to analyze growth in advance so that business decisions can be made better. 

Business intelligence facilitates the task for companies to reduce the need for more IT professionals and to collect large amounts of data. 

Also, new staff is encouraged to produce high-level reviews on excellent results and research that therefore help the company to grow.

Overview Benefits


Clear Analytics works to make data available to all to improve business people and of establishing direct contact between consumers and the organization.

The program provides simple options for convenient use. It allows the user to produce efficient and reliable reports according to specific business criteria. 

Both beginner and casual clients utilize their advanced and powerful business intelligence capabilities to offer great knowledge in Excel, unlike other software where it will take years to achieve the same data analysis.

Easy To Use

The software makes collecting big data from different, secure sources simple for consumers. It also describes it as technical documents that are easy to understand and appreciate. 

This leads to a quicker decision-making process, which is accompanied by reliable data altogether. It is also extremely workable.

 The company may also publish the information generated by using intelligent business tools to share insights with even more audiences in the portal.

Timely And Friendly Customer Services

Simple analytics is seen as prompt and effective solutions to consumers whose outcomes are visible in their consumer satisfaction rate. Customer feedback demonstrates the trust and reliability of consumer service in recognizing user-end problems.

Pricing Plans

Clear Analytics offers two plans which are a free trial and by a quote which you need to contact a vendor.

Google Analytics Vs. Zoho Analytics: Product Analytics Comparison And Review

Google Analytics and Zoho Analytics have what it takes to analyze your data in the most compelling way. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the world’s most popular web analytics freemium platform for thousands of companies worldwide. It has implemented business intelligence requirements since it was introduced in 2005. It also incorporates several advanced predictive capabilities both for conventional and for mobile users. 

Google Analytics deals with certain funnel modeling tools with an emphasis on quality and usability. It also summarizes high-level dashboard data from which users can draw different types of reports.

This deals with Google Analytics monitoring software, rendering this application exclusive. It loads bigger web server JavaScript files and sets parameters for each one of them. 

The software is immediately enabled and the appropriate app information is obtained when the client begins browsing his website. Cookies are often sent to the users’ phones when the key is activated.

It gathers confidential ClientID data and analyzes the behavior of a particular user on the platform. Google Analytics is also accessible to smartphone users, as stated earlier. And offers a specially optimized software kit with ready-to-track web app codes.

These include PHP, ASP.NET, Perl or JavaScript sections. Google Analytics also offers a free lifetime package for individuals, startups and small companies. This as well as moderate quota prices for companies. 

This transparent payment scheme offers the forum for every involved business regardless of its size, sector or financial performance.


High Satisfaction Rate

Google Analytics ‘ observations into the platform are essential for every company’s commercial success. And there are a large number of happy users who can prove this.

It is because evaluating data meets the needs of every specific aspect of your process, from budget allocation to campaign efficiency.

Google Analytics benefits from taking us a day or two to list, so many prefer to keep to how this platform helps them understand visitors. It also discusses why they have viewed the page and, above all, exactly why they have not converted.

Advanced Reporting

As we all know, the best way to do business is to base decisions on empirical data and be at least a hundred percent sure we’re not throwing money away. Google Analytics makes this possible in a variety of ways, mostly with its four Advanced Reporting areas. 

Thanks to it, you will get to know who your audience is, how did those people get to your website. This is what they did while exploring it, and finally, if they converted or not.

Optimize marketing campaign

You can use it to optimize your Marketing campaign and devote time to activities that support your business once your data has been classified carefully in your dashboard. Another way of using the dashboard information is to thoroughly analyze content and understand the elements that don’t work very well on your website.

The system offers detailed actions and sales documents in which it is clear that the website does well. It saves money that you would otherwise invest to study the subject.

Better Allocating Budget

Google Analytics can help you intelligently allocate your budget by distinguishing between functioning and malfunctioning practices.

Moreover, you can produce a specific report on the increase/decline of the budget and you can see how different investments affect your budgets and calculate the exact percentage.

Pricing Plans

Google Analytics offers a free trial for you to have a good look at it. it also has a quote-based plan which you need to contact a vendor

What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is software for data analysis that provides you with actionable insights and makes data intuitive visualization. This tool, previously known as “Zoho Reports,” is upgraded to a robust business intelligence service, data analysis, and online reporting platform. 

It detects hidden insights, identifies trends, monitors important business measures and identifies outliers. The tool facilitates powerful reports without IT help for anyone in your organization.

Through collecting data from different outlets, Zoho Analytics gives you a bird’s eye view of your organization’s health and performance across various departments. Users can then use such information as graphics to create maps and dashboards for drilling results. 

The tool’s drag and fall editor does not require technical skills. Confidence in the system facilitates teamwork as it is highly free.

More Info

It is easy to share and publish reports with your team members, customers, and sellers, as well as make use of messages and contextual comments. communication with them. When an event or a spike happens, everyone is informed with smart data warnings in real-time.

Zoho Analytics also has an intelligent Zia assistant. Built on artificial intelligence, natural language treatment, and machine learning technology, Zia can provide answers to your questions by using KPI widgets and reports.

This method helps you to incorporate branding-based assessments. It can be used on every mobile device. This is iOS as well as Android and is used in a variety of applications from third parties. Including Zoho Analytics ‘ cloud-based solution, you should download the software on request.


Advanced-Data Gathering

Zoho Analytics allows you to evaluate information from multiple sources such as databases, cloud computing providers and offline or mobile apps utilizing an easy-to-follow wizard. 

This simplifies the integration and loading of information into the process for the fusion, formatting, purification, partitioning, and measurement of feeds.

Advanced Dashboards

The dashboards on the platform provide you with a quick yet complete overview of your key business parts such as reports, extensive text formats, images, and KPI widgets. 

Zoho Analytics ‘ drag & drop functionality also accomplishes the creation of dashboards. With richly formatted text for URL and image links, layouts are extremely flexible. 

In the meantime, it also contains attractive subjects, or you can choose to build your own.

Drag-and-drop interface

The beginning of a chart is easy and can be found on the dashboard of the platform. It has a drag and drop interface, which enables you to create the chart you need with drag and drop columns without any coding. without drag-and-drop.

You can select from a wide list of available types of charts including thermal maps, lines, bars, pasta, geographic maps, table, and stacked areas.

 Exploratory analyses and data boring can be done easily, as diagrams with multiple Y-axis and sturdy filters can be configured.

Pivot Tables

Zoho Analytics allows a complex and collaborative study of large data sets to include pivot table settings in its collection of functionality. It can be divided into several levels to build more comprehensive summaries and organized by columns or necessary choices. 

The data cells can be outlined in the table with conditional formatting to match the applicable circumstances.

 Pricing Plans

Zoho does come with a free trial for you to have an experience at it first. It also has plans like Basic for $22.50 per month, Standard for $45 per month, Premium for $112.50 per month, Enterprise $445.50per month, and Professional Edition $2,395 per year.

Woopra Vs. Looker: Top Product Analytics Full Comparison And Review

Top product analytics like Woopra and Looker can make your data look more appealing, giving you a better insight into it. Check out this post to find out more. 

What is Woopra?

Woopra is a consumer insight tool, with several contact points through different devices that can help you better know your clients. 

This provides a better view of how the customers respond when they travel, submit e-mails or connect with them via live chat. 

Woopra uses innovative software to provide useful information through consumer behavior analysis so that the clients, individual consumers, and groups can be more easily understood. This helps customer data integrates into different sources in real-time, track behavior continuously, and regularly update the customer profiles.

You will generate a wide range of validated consumer reports for different business applications utilizing Woopra’s customer categories and profiles. You can also incorporate the main business KPIs with personalized live dashboards. 

It also offers the possibility to combine the data analysis capabilities with a wide range of third-party instruments.

 Woopra sends an alert directly to your phone or workstations when consumers take appropriate action so that they can make the required business decisions in time.

Woopra Benefits

Better Augments Web Analytics 

Woopra is a tool for optimizing site analytics by traffic aggregation and integration through all online touchpoints. This to provide a holistic perception of the customer.

It allows businesses, by restricting the emphasis on the old appraisal process on the buyer’s path. It also to better understand and track the whole consumer experience. 

Through a button press Woopra, you may respond to any inquiry that you have on a client or on a whole segment. It translates your data collections into people’s insights and behaviors.

For every single user, Woopra helps companies build a detailed profile. It makes it easy for businesses to synchronize customer information and track their behavior from all points of contact. These include blogs, mobile applications, e-mails, support desks, and live chat.


Each system executs in real-time. AppConnect helps you to gather data across all the CRM, web, sales optimization, media and service platforms. In addition to the abstracting research sophistication.

Its framework reduces the pressure of additional resources for growth and implementation and allows marketing efforts easy to coordinate. This allows you to speed up communication times. And produce the appropriate content at the right time through the right channel.

Through reaching fullness across all points of contact, this approach simplifies the ability to understand customer behavior. It also reduces guesswork and enhances data-driven strategies

What is Looker?

Looker is an information analysis software that offers both large and small businesses with creative data exploration apps. With it, you can access a web-based application where you can easily access your activities in real-time through data analytics. 

We will produce on-the-spot notes that are open to all interested parties and assist certain team members to tackle those activities. And stay intact when it comes to their ventures. Therefore, Looker will help any organization use the information in the right direction to drive business decisions and activities.

You won’t have any problems with a little SQL knowledge-making Looker work for you or building your analytical modules. You may model views with just one script. Thus, sophistication just relies on the degree to which you expect to enhance the experience.

More Info

Looker’s ML software is designed to help you create and refine requests. This is especially useful since most BI frameworks consider you to be an expert in the area.

When you have no SQL experience, Looker always operates because they have a vast repository of images. And educational content, the same as live photos and screenplays.

The documentation also contains interactive puzzles that create creative teams who want to turn analytics into a fun activity.

As you can read in the benefits section, in addition to open API integration blocks and flexible pricing, many Looker products can offer. It analyzes both web and SQL information and takes into account 25 variations of data, including Hive, Vertica and Google’s BigQuery.

The platform is meant to stop data chaos and bottlenecks and it does not take time for employees to understand in an intuitive interface. Looker is already the preferred software in the business intelligence field for more than 700 companies all over the world to allow them to please their consumers by turning traffic into valuable information for eCommerce. 

We advise you to ask us for a free demo and examine the features in advance before you contact them for a quote and make a purchase.

Looker Benefits

Looker is a data discovery platform that helps enterprises make better business decisions by accessing data in real-time. Within a Looker, 100% in-database and 100% browser-based platform, data of all dimensions can be analyzed. 

Currently, Looker Analytics is integrated into any database or database, such as Amazon Redshift or Greenplum. Looker is developed to meet the requirements of startups, medium-sized companies and companies in a usability way.

Easy To Use

Looker is extremely easy to operate in the beginning. You don’t need to be an experienced data analyzer, or you need SQL knowledge to manage workflows because most operations are based on a single autointuitive code. 

There is no complicated coding, and interactive and accurate charts and tablets can be used in the data. The platform also includes self-service features, including filtering, swiveling and visualization, and dashboard creation.

Handy visualizations

All general data scanning operations are stored in a left-hand list, where the preferences and customized workspaces can also be handled. For visualizations, you will drag and drop the required elements and delegate functions such as manager, client, and creator in a specific software schema. 

In fact, an amateur consumer mapping feature is available to plan, import, or distribute extremely technical visualizations outside the Looker dashboard.

Looker also enables the use of Webhooks for communication of information entities to workflows of third parties such that the need for remote software is removed.

Strong collaboration features

Looker encourages and streamlines app communication in order to improve the situation. The app is available both on computers and mobile devices, which ensures that employees are alerted and participate when they are out of work. 

For example, it is possible to share data and reports via email or URL or to integrate them easily into other applications like Excel, Google Docs and even custom applications or third parties. Ultimately, if the client desired, the information can also be exported manually in text or.csv formats.

A flexible LookML language

Your data analyzers can use Looker to create mini-applications that add efficiency and power to your data analysis, in a flexible, easy-to-learn langue called LookML. The LookML syntax simplifies the development of powerful models for every organization.

This linguistic approach leads to quicker querying and improves performance on the way.

Mixpanel Vs. Sisense: Full Comparison And Review

Mixpanel and Sisense have what it takes to give you a better insight into your data. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is an innovative platform for mobile and web analytics. Mixpanel adopts a different approach while most analysis systems evaluate the behavior or measures taken by people accessing the program or request, and analyzes them. 

The behavior may be anything with Mixpanel. For example, somebody can upload, stream a video or send an email.

Mixpanel has been developed to track and reliably evaluate consumer habits for businesses and organizations, irrespective of scale. This specific function has once been reserved for big, highly funded organizations.

Thanks to Mixpanel, client tracking now gives large and small businesses the chance to track their behavior.

Mixpanel Benefits

  • Flexible Analytics Tool

For mobile and web apps Mixpanel offers reliable and accurate consumer behavior analysis. Mixpanel assesses 67 billion acts in one month. And then communicates this information simply, comprehensively and easily digestible to its clients.

Whether your app is a web-based application or on iOS and Android, actions and not just page views can be easily measured.

While most analysis of data often includes the writing of SQL queries that is convenient for technicians and data scientists, for normal people who only want the knowledge that does not need decipher, the same can not be stated.

  • Simple And Easy To Use

Don’t have to be competitive in data analytics. Mixpanel offers you an easy-to-use framework to study. It also learn how people conduct themselves inside the software and how they use it, and how they can better develop your brand.

Simply put, Mixpanel is an event-centered tool for recording not to monitor and compare page views and clicks. It’s a tool that tests the submission according to events. 

Mixpanel was used by companies to track activities, create marketing funnels and identify patterns. Compared to other statistical service providers, Mixpanel is more oriented and has numerous options for results.

With thousands of events and insights that Mixpanel can help you collect, it has just become a walk in the park to increase your product based on users ‘ activities.

Pricing Plans

Mix panel offers a free trial for you to have a good look at it. As for other plans, it has Engagement Plans Startups for $999 per year, 

What is Sisense?

Sisense is a business intelligence platform for joining, analyzing and collecting information needed to make better and smarter business decisions and to develop workable strategies and plans. It is highly flexible for all market aspects from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies such as ESPN, Comcast, NASA, CBS, and more.

This received our Best Business Intelligence Award in 2018 and our Supreme Technology Award in 2018. Sisense is currently the top ten business intelligence software on our ranking.

You can use a tap and go for Sisense to combine all your information into visually attractive dashboards.

Sisense helps you to translate the information into valuable insights and then distribute them through collaborative dashboards to employees, business partners, and consumers. For every representative of your company, business analysis is easily accessible since it guarantees that business knowledge is quickly found, irrespective of its experience in the field and/or the sophistication of its results. 

Sisense will clean and organize data in a way that will offer you valuable insights into your business.

Sisense Benefits

Better Time Management 

Sisense covers the entire spectrum of business analysis in an agile BI application, from the planning of complex data for review to the development of dashboards for a wide range of visualizations. Sisense provides a full business intelligence system on unmatched TCO without a DBA, with no manual mashups to manage and no specific scripts to master.

Minimal Cost 

You can benefit from the benefits of using the Sisense single-stack software tool for preparing, analyzing and visualizing any type and size of data, to save you the need to invest in data storage, viewing tools, or professional services. Sisense provides a complete business intelligence platform on unprecedented TCO, with no DBA required to manage the platform, no manual machines to maintain, or no special scripts to learn.

With the in-chip engine from Sisense, it’s easy to run BI analytics by drag and drop. This enables you to process BI in-house and saves you the costs of payment or maintenance of technical service.

Better Performance

With the award-winning In-Chip technology at the core of the Sisense engine the cache memory and process and prepare data only when new queries are made can be used effectively. At the same time, the return of ad hoc queries results in seconds, even if you work with thousands of rows of fast-changing data.

 Easy To Use

In order even to lay users, Sisense uses proprietary technologies. But do not make a mistake, this app provides strong BI. 

The In-Chip system simplifies and boosts software processing. This enables you to make different questions and get quick answers for each query without applying data rules. 

The information is only generated when a request is made if the CPU output is optimized. But Sisense will conform to the architecture of the generic database and you don’t have to expenditure on high-end servers.

The single-stack system from Sisense can accomplish multiple tasks from data integration to visualization on a single BI platform. You do not have to use star schemes, OLAP cubes, and data storage systems to manage complex calculations and modeling of data. 

In addition, Sisense provides integration and integrated connectors that allow you to easily integrate source files from applications like Excel and Google Adwords, Salesforce and Zendesk CRM reports and data from a wider range of popular applications.

The drag & drop interface of Sisense makes it easy to combine large data groups. You can also use a variety of visualizing options for interpreting data including location charts, plot charts, etc.

Full range of business analytics 

Sisense gives insights quickly and flexibly. To render inquiries, you don’t need many resources such as manual mashups or unique scripts. 

Sisense is a platform managing the entire workflow of BI. It processes raw data rapidly from several sources. Without having to sort or summarize new information, you can speedily add new data such as tables.

 Simply integrate new information from distributors or project assessments in Sisense to conduct market research.

Pricing Plans:

It does offer a free trial for you to have a good look at it. It also has a Quote-based Plan which you need to contact the vendor.

Pendo Vs. Heap Analytics: Top Product Analytics That You Need

With tools like Pendo and Heap Analytics, analyzing your data is easier than ever before. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Pendo?

To individual property managers and property owners running SMEs, Pendo is a total input property management program. It is a cloud-based solution that enhances property management by removing repetitive rental property management and time-consuming tasks.

Both lease processing and property management activities will be streamlined and customers are encouraged to build better ties to their employees.

A full suite of digital tools is provided by Pendo. These tools enable property owners and managers to self-proof prospective tenants, to advertise vacancies, to create digital borrowings, to generate financial reports, to track expenses, and more in-condition inspection reports. 

With its client-friendly interface, it offers a seamless platform to speed up the management lifecycle of your assets independent of your user level.

 Pendo also has powerful features such as onboard guests, personalized packaging, electronic lease fee, and website ads.

Overview of Pendo Benefits

  • Better Control

Pendo is a groundbreaking property management program that helps you monitor the critical control of rental properties. This provides a robust results table that spares resources and offers you a straightforward view of the rental property’s financial situation. 

You will track any management activity including expiry rents, upcoming vacancies, delinquent rent, etc. This dashboard allows you. It offers you a good picture of the current lease terms and lets you make intelligent business choices.

  • Flexible

In one central location, the platform archives all documents. This allows simple organizing and encourages everything to give you stress-free and super-efficient property ownership experience.

Thanks to its intuitive operation, simple and accurate mobile inspection reports can now be created easily and easily.

Pendo’s testing feature also provides two detailed documents that satisfy the specific screening criteria and budgets. The study by Prescreen helps the right people to choose with confidence.

This report provides an all-inclusive analytical overview of the character of the applicant so that you can easily approve or reject the submission. The full-screen documents, on the other side, provide a clear view of the prospective client with their background and a credit report from Equifax. 

  • Deeper and Better Insights

It offers you valuable insights into the financial history of the potential client and allows you to make sound decisions in order to reduce the risk of default or late payments.

Better still, Pendo helps you to create effective relationships with your locker from the very beginning with the online lease agreements. The software offers pre-constructed templates to build electronic leasing contracts with clear terms, obligations, and anticipations.

 The contracts design to meet the local needs and sign by soon-to-be renters online.

Pricing Plans:

Pendo does offer a free trial for you to have look at it. It also offers other plans like Indie for $29 per month and Pro for $99 per month.

What is Heap Analytics?

Heap offers a unique approach to using analytics, through recording and evaluation of all client experiences without software or information waiting. Deploy and use the application. 

Once the software is downloaded on your website, all things, including clicks, page views, movements, form submissions, etc., can be tracked automatically.

The system comes with powerful features, such as data collection, activity view, app discovery, communication and funneling. Heap allows the recognition of business users as well as the tracking of personalized incidents. 

Heap Analytics Benefits

  • Innovative Approach

With its innovative approach, Heap takes application insight into a whole new level-capture all client experiences. Think all the information and perspectives that all the customers will obtain from automating capturing through a button, move, movement, site view, and form submission. 

Say you could get all this data without passwords. Heap helps you to get it all without the complications that deal with passwords.

This helps you to grasp your clients more and to learn them more about all the client experiences. You will delegate constant, individual properties over sessions of Heap.

  • Better Integration

You can also combine all mobile and web sessions and connect them all to one individual user. You can also determine the client by using your email address, age, total income, payment plan and more.

For certain cases, incidents are not identified immediately by Heap. In these instances, you will make changes and create custom activities with a certain number of properties. Such incidents can be thoroughly examined to give you the details you need.

For quick and accurate research, authentic, credible and up-to-date information is important. With Heap, you will gain insights in real-time as quickly as possible without losing software reliability.

Pricing Plans

It offers a free trial for you to have a good look at it. It also has a plan like an Infrastructure which depends on the quote.