Picreel Vs. PR Hunters: 2020 Comparison And Review


Picreel and PR Hunters have what it takes to make your data reach its full potential. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Picreel?

Picreel is a leading generation platform for website offers to be optimized. It helps to keep visitors interested in the content, the system is so powerful that the vendor guarantees that the conversion rates of enterprises are 25 percent higher. 

The system is good, because tourists turn away from important items, as they make the best deal. Offers can be personalized or produced from predefined templates. Offers.

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The app provides an overlay function that allows users to view and track visitors to the site. The capturing of new leads or just keeping visitors on your website is highly effective.

Users may gather insights into their customers with Picreel in a form which records visitors ‘ feedback. Surveys may also be performed in certain tourist classes.

The versatility of the RealLinks software enables websites to display an overlay whenever a visitor clicks on a connection. It also helps guests to enter or sign up for queues. 

It’s all necessary to put a connection on a website, while Picreel transforms it into new paths. The product is seamlessly integrated with CRM, email, and automation marketing tools.

Overview Benefits

 Most Popular Marketing Platforms and CRM tools

It makes Picreel one of the most effective conversion rate optimization solutions, with all of the most common targeting channels and CRM software in the region. Within 30 seconds, it allows you to create your advertised deal without coding expertise. You can choose any design, color, text, and effects, or adapt them by your requirements.

 Instead, by using HTML / CSS mode it is possible to install or use specialized modifications.

You can also calculate, check, prepare and carry out effective and engaging initiatives in Picreel.


It offers a visual display of the collected real-time data about visits, impressions, and conversions on your website. You can serve targeted design variations with pinpoint accuracy, with the ability to test the performance of different buttons, styles, colors, texts and more to get the best solution for your website.

Picreel provides engagement with web visitors with a customized offer that appears within every needle of scrolling or after a specific delay. You can also target users by referral source, site content, new or returning, and many more options.

As enhancements and for better interactivity, you can also add timers, call buttons and other interactive elements to your site overlay.

This offers a visual display of the details on the clicks, prints and conversions captured on your website in real-time. With the ability to test the output of different buttons, designs, colors, texts and more, you can use specific design modifications to achieve the best approach for the website.

Picreel provides a personalized interface to site users that occur in any scrolling needle or after a specific pause. You can also approach visitors using the reference source, web information, new or return choices and many more.

You can also attach temporaries, call buttons as well as other interactive elements to the web overlay as improvements and improved interactivity.

Pricing Plans:

Picreel comes with a free plan for people to have a good look at it. It also has a Starter for $14 per month, Basic for $52 per month, Plus for $112 per month, and Pro for $299 per month.

What is PR Hunters?

PR Hunters is a marketing tool for businesses and advertisers who meet media who are hunting for news sources. The program roams Twitter to check for reporters who tweet sources to reach them.

All consumers will filter journalists to meet their needs through our integrated filtering system. This utilizes NLP to suit the user’s needs of future journalists.

No more infinite e-mails, only a fun tidy list of possible influencers who want to reach them. Pro users have access to real-time alerts that remind them of a proposal for their company when the journalist tweets it.

Even at no expense, this can be done, while the transition to higher company and special pricing plans is painless. PR Hunters may also be linked and details collected from your current contact lists can be accessed on your MailChimp page.

Overview of PR Hunters Benefits

Make Everything Easy

The work of modern journalists is based on PR leads. With PR Hunters, companies and vendors have a reliable platform for connecting them to journalists who find new sources and fresh stories. 

PR Hunters is built for Twitter which MailChimp and brings PR information directly into your mailbox as reporters and other communications practitioners submit messages for PR inquiries.


All PR inquiries are sent to your inbox in real-time to allow you to take immediate action and exploit every PR opportunity. PR Hunters helps businesses and professional marketers save time for journalists to get the material they need for their work and compete.

To optimize any PR boost, PR Hunters is loaded with the right tools and features. Don’t dig deeper into your inboxes to find possible influencers and writers who want what you have.

High-quality Data

PR Hunters feature a filtering capability with NLP that allows you to thresh out your list automatically and provide high-quality names that need what they offer.

The system is easy to use and does not require extensive training. You just have to choose a category, enter your keywords and let PR Hunters discover the people that are probably interested in your PR leaders. Simple that.

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