Periscope Data Vs. Woopra: 2020 Comparison

Periscope Data and Woopra have what it takes to make your data reach its full potential. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Periscope Data?

Periscope Data is an advanced, practical and flexible visualization device. This internationally recognized system allows users to create, store, translate, display and track knowledge from diverse sources on a centralized, interconnected network. The data analysts and business users worldwide value this framework.

It connects both sources of information for evaluating, viewing and exchanging opinions. The Periscope details were created by a group of hackers in San Fran├žois.

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The program has been designed to offer organizations of all sizes a platform for safe storage of information, requests and design checks.

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By using SQL, Python, and R, users can also view key components of their company through highly interactive graphics and filters. It enables customers to obtain basic insights that improve their business activity.

Newly merged with Sisense, Periscope apps will also help you gather data as easily as possible from different sources. It is used by innovative companies such as Apple, Flexport, Crunchbase, EY, and ZipRecruiter.

Overview of Periscope Data Benefits

Simple Interface

Periscope Data features an Ad Hoc Query Tool to help you more easily address various types of inquiries. Its software is designed to handle the most complicated data analyzes without any difficulties.

This search approach allows data models and more to be created.

Periscope Software gives you dashboards for all of them if you have more material to look at. Such Dashboards come with several filters to remove the most important information from the client.

The visual interface with drawings, graphs, and other ways helps you to see the progress of the different departments in your business. The details of the dashboard can be translated and sent automatically via e-mail. Therefore, the clients will expect increasingly innovative departmental and external updates.

Better Data Analysis

The method of data analysis goes beyond asking and drawing assumptions. This involves gathering, purifying and arranging repetitive material.

You will minimize the time with Periscope Data on these worldly facets of your workflow so you can concentrate on achieving productive comprehension. The framework offers an elegant drag-and-drop GUI.

This allows basic calculations and displays without typing long codes to be generated. It also involves data collection that can process information irrespective of competitiveness or difficulty.


The creation of requests can be very complicated if you can not use different types of languages for programming. This is not accurate with knowledge from Periscope.

The platform supports SQL, Python, and R in the language that you are currently using.

For example, an automated, automatic, writing, searching, and locating context request file works with a SQL editor. For example.

This even provides descriptive statistical information, allowing the detection of associations between claims simple without having to manually check the inquiries. You can use Python and R to generate your data sets or evaluate them if you want to do more advanced analytics.

These are also useful for interactive scratch visualization. To complete all, it is better than ever to reuse all three languages, reuse codes and centralize the business logic.

What is Woopra?

Woopra is a user analysis system with a range of network contact points that can help you learn more from your consumers.

It helps you to get a better understanding of how consumers respond to their drive, e-mailing or live chat.

Woopra utilizes innovative methods to provide useful information by analyzing the actions of buyers to help customers, individual consumers and societies recognize each other. This allows user information to communicate in real-time, tracks their behavior and updates customer accounts from various sources regularly.

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You generate a large number of validated consumer reports for different business implementations using Woopra category groups and specifications. They can also include the key market KPIs and customized live dashboards.

It also enables data analysis to be combined with different third-party instruments.

When customers take appropriate measures to make business decisions on time, Woopra immediately delivers the alert to the mobile or workstation.

Woopra Benefits

Better Augments Web Analytics

Woopra is a tool to automate site analytics by aggregating and organizing information online. It offers an optimal explanation for the consumer.

This allows companies to rely on the buyer’s old assessment process. It also helps to understand and track the whole consumer experience.

Through clicking the Woopra icon, you will answer questions about a client or a whole business. It translates your information into people’s insights and behavior.

Woopra allows organizations to build a comprehensive user profile. This enables customer data from all points of contact through companies to be shared and monitored. Forums, mobiles, e-mails, desks and live chat sessions are included.


Each system executes in real-time. AppConnect helps you to gather data across all the CRM, web, sales optimization, media and service platforms. In addition to the abstracting research sophistication.

Its framework reduces the pressure of additional resources for growth and implementation and allows marketing efforts easy to coordinate. This allows you to speed up communication times. And produce the appropriate content at the right time through the right channel.

Through reaching fullness across all points of contact, this approach simplifies the ability to understand customer behavior. It also reduces guesswork and enhances data-driven strategies.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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