Minitab Vs. Stata: Full Review And Comparison 2020

To fully use of your data, you need tools like Minitab and Stata. Check out this post to find out more about these tools.

What is Minitab?

Minitab is a quality enhancement and statistics education software provider. Minitab statistical software, its flagship product, is being used by different companies to graph their business data and evaluate them. 

The program has also revolutionized the way many universities and colleges learn statistics. In combination with other solutions in the Minitab suite of products, the primary statistical software works best.

Minitab Companion has a variety of instruments for helping companies achieve product excellence and processing, while Minitab Quality Trainer assists users in mastering statistics.

Consumers may define more easily the procedures and consumer features they need to change when the programs are used together.

Overview of Minitab Benefits

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Minitab Statistical Software, the leading technology product, has complete yet easy to use tools. This also allows businesses to conduct smarter and more comprehensive data analysis. 

Those who use the program can interpret important data quickly even without specialized statistical experience. The ease of use not only helps companies.

But also schools and colleges in the area of quantitative training and data analysis. The app has a supporting function that helps users interpret the results more accurately using data analysis.

Boost Streamline Workflows

If an organization may accurately identify areas of improvement, it can probably develop more efficient measures to increase productivity and enhance product or service performance. Minitab has cutting-edge technologies, which enhance workflows and meet product experience targets.

The Design Roadmaps makes it easy for an organization to execute, communicate and repeat plans. Rapid updates are also shown on the dashboard to enable users to track stats in real-time.


The additional application for the flagship software Minitab Quality Trainer helps users analyze derived statistics in more detail. It is an affordable way to study statistics online at all times. 

Also, the Companion from Minitab offers tools for users to present data confidentially. In the statistics industry, Minitab also is known for providing superior customer service in addition to its key functions.

User reviews demonstrate their exceptional training and reliable customer service. The multi-user licensing of the software also makes companies capable of maximizing the use.

Pricing Plans:

It offers a free trial for you to have a good look at it. It also has plans like Single User for $1,595 and Annual Multi-User by quote.

What is Stata?

Stata is a comprehensive, intuitive and accurate data and statistical software solution that makes life much easier for researchers. Whatever field or specialty, be it behavioral science, education, medical research, education, economics, political science, public policy, sociology, finance, business, marketing. This can be done in every discipline and specialist field.

Stata integrates data management, data analysis, data modeling, with all the important tools and features needed. It includes a single tool for graphic visualization.

This simple and multi-purpose numerical and evaluation program features a large variety of forecasts and quantitative functions utilizing regular and specialized statistics and techniques. Stata is also a platform for designers and programmers.

This helps users to make inferences regarding information by using and performing commands. The platform records the commands it uses and the sessions it performs in the solution while running these commands and performing analyses. 

Thanks to this, they will repeat any analyzes they have already carried out quickly. It then shares it with its colleagues.

More Info 

Stata’s comprehensive data management tools are essential. This allows scientists and experts to compile, organize, analyze and apply data quickly so that they can generate concrete and useful conclusions and perspectives.

Last but not least, the software solution simplifies the development of printable, documented and reproducible graphs and other visualizations.

Overview of Stata Benefits

Graphical User Interface

Stata has a point-to-click graphical user interface called GUI, which is simple to use. It’s not just simple and intuitive this user interface.

Nevertheless, it also can be tailored for various types of users and can help newbies, professional scientists, developers, and highly-skilled and specialized consumers.

Easy To Use

Let us analyze and appreciate how certain key components of Stata’s graphical user interface operate. The GUI has menus and dialog boxes installed. 

Its list and dialog framework allows the clients to collect data management, data analysis, and statistical analysis capabilities of the application. Three menus are available to users, namely the menu data, graphs, and statistics.

All they have to do is click on one of those menus if they want to use a particular feature. You can access them from the Statistics menu, for example, if you want to make negative binomial regression.

Friendly Command Features

As mentioned, Stata is a solution that is developer-and programmer-friendly and that can be seen in its control line functions. This software allows users to input and execute instructions. 

In other words, whether the command-line features of a system require them to conduct specific analytical, statistical, and other operations. Such functions are grouped into multiple user interface frames.

The Control app is one of those screens. A window allows users to enter or write scripts and syntaxes in commands.

Once the commands are entered and implemented, the solution can respond and show the results in the Results tab. Another window is the Review window, which displays the command list created by the solution and all commands typed by users. 

This is the time in which order stories can be monitored.

Excellent GUI Components 

The Stata GUI provides an advanced collection of components that makes it easier for users to function. The information editor is one of them.

This feature helps you to display the information live while using functions and running operations. It ensures you can see how the information changes over time.

 The variable director is another element. The Variable Manager is used to edit many variables like changing names, labels, notes, and types.

Document Analyses

Stata’s documentation analysis is a powerful feature. All the orders users type in and execute and the responses Stata gives, the interactive sessions they perform and even the changes they made to table files are recorded automatically by the solution. 

These are all saved in log files. This makes it easy for users to review and assess any analysis they perform so that they can be precise and error-free. 

Interestingly, the log files containing logging sessions can also be executed again as command scripts or batch files. This enables data management and analytical activities to be duplicated or replicated.

Pricing Plans:

Sadly, it does not offer any free trial. Still, it offers a quote-based plan in which you need to contact a vendor.

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