MATLAB Vs. Apache Hadoop: Full Comparison And Review

MATLAB Vs. Apache Hadoop has what it takes to level up your data analytics. Check out this post to find out more.

What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is the framework of design, modeling, and simulation, and fuses a software array for iterative research. It also creates mechanisms that convey specifically matrix and array mathematics through a programming language.

The CAE platform has been built by software company MathWorks to assist users in data analysis, algorithms creation, and design development. It includes specialized resources that have been checked and reported rigorously.

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Interactive applications show how different algorithms work with data of users. The technology is also scalable to allow analyzes to take place in clusters, GPUs, and clouds with minimum code changes and eliminate the need for big-data programming to be rewritten or learned.

Overview Benefits

Convolutional Neural Networks

MATLAB Deep Learning Solutions allow users to design, build and access neural networks in just a few lines. Although customers have basic technical knowledge only, implementations deployed can be as good as other similar software as seven.

Users are also equipped with modified versions such as Google-Net, VGG-16 and19, ResNet-50 and 101, AlexNet, and Inception-v3.

MATLAB is based on several methods for processing and computation. Afterimage processing, consumers can submit photos and videos.

Advanced Graphical Tools

This uses graphical instruments to display, manipulate and migrate to embedded software. Reference standard algorithm libraries also help to produce new ideas.

MATLAB enables the exploration and analysis of time-series data by the use of signal processing techniques. 

The program provides a unified workflow for embedded and streaming system development. Signals from multiple sources may be collected, assessed and analyzed.


Streaming algorithms can be created, tested and implemented using extensive features of MATLAB for the audio, smart sensor, instrumentation and IoT phones. As it evolves qualitatively accurate, straightforward and reported, the MATLAB supports financial organizations.

The hazard and stress testing systems are replicable as well. It has easy-to-use tools to make designs realistic in just a few days.

This is critical because the regulatory and industry conditions are rapidly changing today. The program allows consumers to integrate best practices for designing “risk-aware” frameworks in the application of command and automation.

More Productive

Various regulatory systems and front and middle office positions can be supporting a common hazard template stack. So it is more competitive for companies.

To scientists and developers in robotics, MATLAB is important. The software will build and modify algorithms, design real-world structures and produce code automatically using a single unified architecture. 

Using built algorithms, users will attach and track their robots. Hard-agnostic algorithms are also supported for generation and relation with the Robot Operating System.

Through attaching to a variety of sensors and actuators, users may transmit control signals or evaluate multiple data forms.

Pricing Plans:

MATLAB offers a free trial for you to try it out. It also has other plans like Standard for $940 per annual, Academic Use forĀ $275 per annual, Home for $95, and Student for $29.

What is Apache Hadoop?

Apache Hadoop is a software library and software framework that has been designed to gather, store and analyze large volumes of data set. This is a highly efficient and flexible system.

However, large data sets can be stored in a decentralized way on different servers, device clusters and thousands of computers.

The framework for Apache Hadoop is made up of main components.

Those involve a clustered database structure such as HDFS or Hadoop Clustered Database Structure and a Map/Reduce software and storage paradigm.

More Info

Data files are stored around computers by the shared file system, separated into large blocks. Once the data are separated into blocks, they are spread across the nodes of the database or software cluster.

In the meantime, Map / Reduce is based on the Apache Hadoop YARN framework. It is a software that manages the control of cluster assets and the allocation of workers for projects in the Hadoop Cluster. 

It ensures that Map / Reduce utilizes the functionality of Apache Hadoop YARN to delegate and organize the work required for different cluster nodes to computer resources, such as CPUs and storage.

Overview Benefits

Big Data Technology

Apache Hadoop is a big data application that offers an environment, a system and an infrastructure designed for data processing in large quantities. When businesses and organizations expand and change, bursts of information must also be addressed. 

These are cases or incidents in which large data collections must be stored, managed and the problems of a more informative technological world tackled.

Ensures High-Availability

Big data software is an incredibly scalable system. As the number of servers and machines needed for storage, storing, and review of large data sets increases, the Apache Hadoop will automatically scale up. 

What is fantastic is that computer technology reduces hardware dependency whenever it is needed. This distributes vast sets of data through database and computer clusters and performs extreme parallel processing on these clusters.

In the event of errors or failures within each server or computer cluster, Apache Hadoop will be able to detect them immediately. It also offers ways to fix problems, so that they are highly accessible.

Reliable System

Apache Hadoop provides a shared file system or distributed file system known as HDFS or Hadoop File System. Within HDFS wide files are grouped into sequentially ordered frames. 

Once it has been distributed data files over large clusters of computers or devices, it distributes and retains the frames. A unique aspect of the file system is that it is highly reliable. 

The HDFS has an element or property that permits the device to function continuously through errors or defects in its components. The frames of data file it stores or distribute through clusters may be reused.


Apache Hadoop has a primary component called Map / Reduce, apart from its reliable distributed file system.. This uses the Apache YARN module to manage concurrent distributed processing on Hadoop clusters. 

Apache YARN system is an application that is also developed by the Apache Software Foundation for cluster management and job planning.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

Find out now

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