Marketing Analytics: Limitation of Marketing Research

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Marketing Research

In the quality of Marketing Analytics and research, marketing research has a crucial role. Customers can likely be better understood and served than rivals.

By maintaining close contact with the target market through marketing research, a marketer can satisfy customers. It is one of the contemporary marketing’s essential jobs. It is nevertheless not infinite. 

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Such limits must be acknowledged to the marketing manager.

Marketing Analytics: Top Limitation of Marketing Research

Extraneous Factors

Unknown means uncontrollable external factors. In most cases, foreign considerations adversely affect the outcomes of marketing research.

The Net Effect can not be determined due to the impact of such variables. For example, if a marketer wishes to analyze the effect on demand of a 10 percent price increase and increases the price by 10 percent.

Consequently, the demand drops by 20 percent. There, even price increases are not entirely due to the decrease in demand. 

Certain considerations, such as the launch of a competitive new product, the enticing pricing bid, the emergence of strong alternatives, and more could have affected the market, in addition to rising prices.

Regardless of the degree of precaution, the effect of such factors can not be eliminated and marketing research can not, therefore, be used.

Time Gap Causes Research Irrelevant

Further time is required for a systematic marketing research project. Weeks, months and even years are expected. In marketing research, results are made available after a considerable period to examine or resolve the issue.

Once findings are presented, conditions could have been carefully modified or issues that were immediately fixed for analysis. Time-based information is required for decision-makers. But it’s hardly feasible, technically.

 Time, money and effort sometimes do not contribute.

 Cost Consideration

Systematically conducting marketing research is a luxury. A company needs funding to develop research, collect and analyze data, interpret and prepare reports. 

Heavy fees are charged by statistics and computer experts. When research is carried out regularly, a company needs to maintain a well-equipped department of marketing research. Research into marketing has become more expensive. It is therefore difficult to afford for medium-sized and small businesses.

Rapid Change Issues

The market today is marked by huge changes. Tomorrow will be outdated anything applicable or relevant today. Marketing research can not fulfill its purpose due to rapid changes. 

The available research results or results after that period appear irrelevant or irrelevant.

Research on marketing is based on confidence and precision. All rely on confidence right from the identification of the question to the tests. 

The business has to have faith in the communications scientist. This includes that the research officer has confidence in the field officer and that the field officer needs the answer of the respondents.

Precision is an essential topic at every level in marketing research. So long so inaccuracy prevails, the effects of consumer study suffer.

Problem Solving Vs Aid to Solve the Problem

The fact that marketing research solves no problems directly is an interesting and shocking thing to say. It does not solve problems but can help solve them. 

The key to business issues is not a silver bolt; it is an information source. It is useful to the extent that the source is reliable and correctly used

If results are not taken into account, an excellent research project is useless.

Biased Result

A completely unbiased reaction or outcome is not feasible when a human being is involved. The effect on research objective is adversely affected by personal value, injury, perceptions, needs, and other socio-cultural factors.

Subjectivity can lead to complete chaos. There are ambiguity and confusion in each economic decision.

Throughout marketing research, ambiguity and confusion can not be excluded. It is an attempt to reduce the risk. High marketing research costs, however, do not guarantee safety and security.

Applicability of Use

A research project performance depends not only on quality and reliability but also on the proper use of knowledge. Marketing research findings are often only a formality for top management. 

Recommendations are not taken seriously and are not fully implemented.

Several people are interested in analysis marketing, such as marketing director, field manager, data analyst, and eventually decision-maker. 

All these people have different ambitions, experiences, and opinions. Coherence or balance between them is a crucial issue. 

Unless there is a high degree of cooperation and trust between them, performance can not be anticipated. It’s very hard.

Such weaknesses and practical problems should be known to marketing managers and those interested in marketing research. Remember that such restricting variables can not be eradicated entirely. 

Try to minimize the adverse impact of these limiting factors. The prospect of effectively carrying out marketing research is high, with prudence, adequate expenditure, coordination, accuracy, timeliness, correct use, and execution, etc.

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