IBM Business Analytics Vs Periscope Data: Top Product Analytics

IBM Business Analytics and Periscope Data are top product analytics that you need. Check out this post to find out more.

What is IBM Business Analytics?

IBM Business Analytics is an advanced set of tools for business analysis. This numerous technology and its components will help you improve data handling productivity in all areas of your market.

You will gain an improved and more detailed understanding of your business processes with IBM Business Analytics. Moreover, you can be more confident in your decisions because the solutions are also predictive and prescriptive information to help your business prepare for the future.

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IBM Business Analytics also allows you, especially when it comes to financing, to improve its business performance. The application range includes financial management solutions that help you mitigate risks to ensure your business is always in the dark.

Overview Benefits

Automated Features

The financial performance of the company is costly manual planning and presents a wide range of challenges. You can automate the corresponding processes by IBM Business Analytics so that you can go immediately to the data analysis stage. 

You can, therefore, devote more time to anticipate and respond to the disruptive agents on the market.

Better Identification

You can be more confident about your data with IBM Business Analytics. The solution helps you to identify those blind spots that might jeopardize your analysis. 

You can take care of them before they cause any damage and effect on your business foundations when you know what those undermining factors are.

Root Cause Detection

Aside from enabling you to discover the reasons for what event happened, IBM Business Analytics also affords you the ability to find out why such an event occurred. The suite of solutions gives you the tools for detecting the patterns, relationships, and underlying factors that interplay with your analytics. Once you know what these are, you can build visualizations with the right configurations for accurate information delivery.

Superior Analytics

You can be sure of the survival of your company by knowing what challenges your organization will face in the future. But devaluation is inaccurate and can lead to problems rather than solutions. 

You can use IBM Business Analytics instead because they are provided with features that can help you to determine what might happen in the future. You can avoid losses and enjoy additional gains once you are aware of what this is.

Unique Decision-Making

If you know what and why and what might happen in the future, the next step is to mitigate or take decisions that might lead the company forward. The wrong choices might, however, lead to a different set of problems. 

You have access to prescribed measures with IBM Business Analytics that can help you to make the most of the resources of your company. In turn, this gives you greater trust in your choices, believing you have considered all the factors.

Pricing Plans

It offers two plans which are a free trial and a Quote-based Plan which you need to contact the vendor.

What is Periscope Data?

Periscope Data is an advanced analytical platform with neither functionality nor flexibility. Trusted worldwide by data professionals and business users this platform enables users to create, store, analyze, view and report data from different sources on a single connected platform. Data from different sources. 

It connects all data sources for analysis, viewing and insight sharing. Periscope Data has been developed in San Francisco by a group of hackers.

It was built to provide organizations of any scale with a platform in which their information can be easily stored, queried and checked. Users can also view key aspects of their business by using SQL, Python, and R, using highly interactive visual displays and filters. 

Users can thus easily gain practical knowledge that can boost their activities more. Since having recently merged with Sisense, Periscope Data offers a wider application range to help you to collect data as smoothly as possible from several outlets.

Innovative businesses including Microsoft, Crunchbase, Flexport, EY, and ZipRecruiter have been implementing it.

Overview Benefits

Friendly Interface

Periscope Data provides an ad hoc query tool to help you handle different types of queries more effectively. This tool is designed to handle the most complex and trouble-free data analysis. 

You can create and do much more data models using this query tool. If you have several aspects of your business in mind, Periscope Data provides you with dashboards for all of them.

Such dashboards with several filters are open. You can extract the major information from your company.

With the graphical interface with trends, diagrams and other data formats, you can understand the progress of your company’s different departments. The information on the dashboard can be translated and sent directly to the documents.

You can thus now send departmental, as well as external reports to your customers.

Better Data Analysis

The method of data analysis goes beyond queries and assumptions. It also involves the compilation, purification, and handling of repetitive results. 

With Periscope Info, you will spend more time on these world-class facets of your workflow and concentrate more on gaining useful insights. 

The system has an elegant interface drag-and-drop. It helps you to perform basic measurements and visualizations without entering lengthy keys. 

This also involves software ingestion and will handle knowledge independent of rivalry or complexity. You will create a single reality basis through your servers.

You do not need to switch between databases because the data you need is consolidated.

Adjusted Database

In most cases, users are careful about cloud-hosting platforms because they pose severe security risks. That is why Periscope data has been used extensively to build a solid cloud infrastructure in which your data can be safely stored.

Firstly, regular audits are undertaken to ensure compliance with best practices in the industry. They are also certified for HIPAA-HITECH and certified for peace of mind with SOC Type II.

Periscope Data also comes equipped with data encryption, permissions from users, incident management, retrieval of data and infringement detection systems to keep your data out of the dark.

Periscope Data Pricing Plans

It offers a free trial for you to have a good look at it. It also a quote-based plan which you need to contact the vendor.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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