Hotjar Vs. SAS Business Intelligence: Full Comparison

 Hotjar and SAS Business Intelligence have what it takes to make you use your data in the best way possible. Check out this post to find out more.

What Is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a forum for research and reviews to help you better understand your clients. This offers you full visibility and the rundown of how to optimize the user experience on your website and boost both quality and conversion levels. 

You will get customers ‘ instant feedback, see how people use your page, and make the right changes based on in-depth observations. Such apps expose the attitudes of your users online and enable you to respond easily to their words.

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Hotjar offers two primary instruments: observation and input. Methods for research are built to track the actions of consumers and to calculate them.

It also helps you to view the actual user behavior on your page. Heatmaps, converters, shape review, and visitor documentation are resources included in this approach.

Feedback resources have been developed to help you understand what your clients have to suggest. It combines resources such as polling, forums, incoming reviews, and recruiters to provide a forum where the customers can share their opinions.

Advanced input tools are available to support you manage the feedback widgets.

More Info

Hotjar is an all-in-one solution that you can easily and quickly use right from its simple installation process that only uses one script for various popular platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and HubSpot, among others. 

Monitoring is not interrupted as you can continue accessing the software using any device with its multi-device support. 

This enables you to work on your desktop, smartphone, and tablet anytime, anywhere, even when you’re on the go. Furthermore, Hotjar packs robust features you need to leverage your user analysis and feedback initiatives. 

This looks for guests dependent on app prompts, URLs or custom javascript. It also avoids IPs to be omitted for a more appropriate monitoring system for you, the staff and your customers. 

You get valuable insight from the system without constraint on the number of users and comments with the app distributed in 40 languages.


Visualize Your Customer Behavior

Heatmaps from Hotjar demonstrates the graphical contact your visitors can have with your page. You can see how you press, tap and view and figure out what you want depending on your inspiration and wish indicators once you enter your page. 

You will track what tourists see as your habits and actions are documented on your page. This reduces uncertainty and gives you a better idea of what they are doing. 

It also allows you to determine what concerns with the functionality of your website can be resolved immediately as they can negatively affect user experience.

Better Analyze 

Hotjar goes beyond showing you which places are extremely trafficable and engaging in your page. It also helps to see and check that the consumer falls off-page and moves. 

This is necessary if your conversion funnels are to be designed to their fullest potential. On your online form, Hotjar detects issue areas, too. 

When users are conscious of the fields that are not filled in and are left blank and leave their application, they can be configured to raise their completion rates.

Listen To The Important Stuff

Hotjar will help you listen by providing a platform for your users to share their thoughts. Polls help you to gather feedback directly through questions aimed at specific users on your desktop and mobile pages from tourists to your website. 

This offers a wide range of query forms, including NPS (Net Promoter Score), which can be displayed. In real-time, surveys are also available for collecting answers that can be shared before you exit your website through emails, weblinks, and invitations.

An easy editor is available for you to build and customize your own responsive, cross-device surveys. Furthermore, users can leave instant visual feedback with context on your app and website

For example, they can leave reactions on whether they hate or like a specific tagline on your site.

What is SAS Business Intelligence?

SAS Business Intelligence is an SAS Enterprise Solutions component of it. This incorporates business intelligence and automation in order to discover and acquire business data. 

You may access user-friendly, self-service business intelligence instruments and applications with SAS Business Intelligence. In contrast, the company also deploys real-time monitoring directly for Windows apps and mobile devices.

Such apps enable decision-makers to interpret their market metrics easily. It also gathers high-quality and practical data to help you make smart business decisions.

The six main modules for SAS Business Intelligence and Analytics include the following ones, namely SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, SAS Office Analytics, the SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS Enterprise BI Database.

The streamlined unified solution offers a range of useful BI software and functionalities. SAS Visual Analytics is the key component, which helps you to digitally interpret information, understand software interactions and trends and obtain deep insight through interactive visualizations.

You may use essential indicators to forecast and track patterns. Therefore, you can produce informative data from a single place for dashboard-based environments.

SAS Visual Statistics offers a drag and drop interface that enables predictive and concise models to be produced without difficulty. In contrast, Apache, SAP HANA, Greenplum, Teradata and Hadoop servers were augmented by results.

Overview Benefits

Smoother Collaboration

SAS workplace analytics enables interaction with MS office applications like Outlook and Excel by offering research feedback and tests. This helps to share ideas across teams and workflows. 

The emphasis is therefore on quick and easy access to and processing of information. SAS Mobile BI is an optional program available for Android and iPhone / iPad.

 In addition, multi-touch movement help can be available at any moment, to search for information, files and document elements such as data maps, KPIs, tables, and graphs.

Better Key Features 

To build compelling images and quickly identify relationships and patterns and trends use the intuitive Visual Data Exploration option. The SAS Visual Analytics module makes it easy to understand and can be used for key measures to predict results and trends. 

The online interface and monitoring features include self-service. It also allows you to create This assistance-free ad hoc file. 

The SAS Visual Statistics Module also provides an application that is a drag-and-drop, which utilizes centralized storage retrieval to help you create and update predictive and concise information models.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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