Domo Vs. GoodData: Full Comparison And Review

With tools like Domo and GoodData, your data analyzing process is better than ever before. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Domo?

Domo is a great Business Intelligence (BI) self-service system that provides the largest data set and connector support among the instruments. This is a powerful and reliable cloud-based operating system design to help companies find their efficiency.

Also, it is a viable solution to the major business challenges of today. Domo allows decision-makers to view in one dashboard real-time data. 

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And how it’s a view! You have found that if you are searching for the wow factor. The interface, dashboards, and screens of Domo’s are incredibly attractive.

The incorporation of creative data displays such as multi-part widgets, sparklines, and trend indicators also make their dashboard widgets very useful. What users are mostly fond of, though, is how easy it is to use it, and that all need to learn how to process your data is eliminated.


The system offers companies with broad perspectives of information and market intelligence. It helps managers to take insightful and pragmatic conclusions so that they can follow the right actions, plan smartly and lead their company to grow. 

Using Domo, various data sets using default SQLs and custom model cases mixing cloud with local data can be created. For example, you can link your Google Analytics page view numbers and compare their effect to specific products.

This makes Domo perfect for certain companies and creative teams, no matter how large they are. However, Domo is more than just analytics. 

For online discussions you have access to a wide range of features for social sharing, so employees can not just share results but also comment. Each user allow to either receive update notifications for each element or to send individual Domo Buzz messages. 

Storytelling, for many firms that prefer Domo over its competitors, is a very interesting feature.

Overview of Domo Benefits


Domo is renowned for its versatile data connection scope above all else. You can therefore quickly access the information you need to settle on.

Whether you were a non-technical market client or a professional data analyst, that does not matter. Domo will not generate difficulties when you try to remove a file from your device, fully mobile-optimized.

Effective Visualization

Visualizations help companies to never do rows and columns of information. This ensures that Domo gives you the right to interpret the information in any manner you like so that it better guides your business ‘ decisions. 

The graph’s details and data sources can be integrated into all ways possible.

Social BI

The cathedral is social. Some of your most valuable insights are from people’s talks, contexts, interests, and conduct. The Business Cloud combines all this in a seamless and unprecedented manner with your business data. 

Domo Buzz allows employees to communicate in real-time with every data update and triggers instant notices.

The team members don’t waste time to find a way around because of its friendly interface.

Mobile-first System

The greatest quality insinuation for commercial apps today is whether or not you can use them on your phone. Domo does not have these problems, and anytime, on any device, it is available to anyone. 

New mobile web and native Android and iOS apps not only help you to access data but also control and stay active wherever you are.

Open Ecosystem

If you open up your forum to feedback from the intelligent minds of the world, everybody gains. Developer software and programmatic APIs are the foundation of Business Cloud.

It helps everybody to create and distribute applications to Domo’s Appstore, the ultimate portal with answers to your company queries.

Pricing Plans

It offers a free trial for you to have a good look at it. It also as a Standard for $83 per user/month, Professional for $160 per user/month, and Enterprise for $190 per user/month

What is GoodData?

GoodData is a company that believes that data is open to all and that everybody should be able to base business decisions on practical information. GoodData believes that people can develop and grow their business if they get exposure to relevant data.

Nonetheless, the clients with whom they operate also come to know. GoodData moves beyond business intelligence to provide a high-value perspective as a service based on such convictions.

More Info

This offers powered businesses strategic insight into new revenue streams. Its strength helps marketers and independent software providers to understand the behavior and needs of their customers.

Additionally, GoodData delivers useful advertising insights to consider the shopping process of your consumers. It boosts investment returns from multi-touch support camps and uses social analysis to link the advertising spending of your company to revenue.

However, it is fairly priced and scalable to meet the needs of the different users and fits into the corporate software world with a large number of applications and services providers.

Overview of GoodData Benefits

Operational Insights

GoodData discovers market intelligence that can boost the company’s fitness and agility. Using this tool, companies make quicker decisions, more productive financial resources, and improve forecasting.

This is a robust software analytics platform that combines cloud information with, among other things, the organizational sources. The perceptions of consumers represent the business effect of marketing.

Operational perspectives that help improve flexibility in decision making and the rate of sales. Yet additional sales sources can be generated through embedded analytics.

Data Warehousing

GoodData has everything in one user-friendly platform: data storage, large data-ready ETL-ELT, data discovery for self-service, advanced analysis, and viewing.

This controls the software of your business and its information weapon and allows consumers to be stronger analysts with their special shared learning abilities.

Pricing Plans:

Sadly, it does not offer any free trial. However, it has a Quote-based Plan which you need to contact a vendor.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

Find out now

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