Attensity Vs. Qualtrics Research Core: 2020 Top Comparison

With tools like Attensity and Qualtrics Research Core, optimizing your data to its best version is easier than ever. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Attensity?

Attensity is an advanced data contextualization platform supplying businesses with over a decade of a wide range of business intelligence products. It also lets consumers assess relevant and accurate data from multi-channel sources.

Those provide talks, comments, blogs and other things. Attensity blends technically sophisticated and proprietary context-based analytical techniques, grammatical technologies, and observation with a strong combination of the process.

Overview Benefits

More Revenue

Attensity takes the clients to an entirely new level of business intelligence and user service. It can generate more revenue by finding and leveraging new market prospects and can deliver timely and appropriate services for consumers.

Better Understanding Of Customer

a better understanding of the desires of consumers which contributes to quick reaction and encourages brand loyalty. Well before they impact processes, it identifies and tackles potential threats that will contribute to lowered cost and improved efficiency.

What is Qualtrics Research Core?

Qualtrics Market Core has more than 700 products and 100 schools worldwide. This is a market research tool. This is the first solution software to use AI to analyze survey data to prevent market trends. Built to assist users in better business choices.

It consists of a set of advanced intelligent features called Qualtrics, which aim to simplify advanced research by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

For any type of qualitative research, Qualtrics Research Core may be used. These include business perspectives, research and development as well as product research, regulation and preparation, branding and advertising research.

Building surveys were carried out conveniently without coding due to its drag-and-drop GUI. It even has preconstructed models and over 100 forms of questions planned by graduate scholars. 

Its platform offers other cutting-edge devices. You can thus enable surveys to be developed, checked and updated instantly to gain organizational insights as quickly as possible.

Besides, Qualtrics Research Core offers highly qualified professionals accessible 24 hours a day, through mobile, email, and chat. You will not have to think about lengthy downtimes in that situation.

Qualtrics Research Core provides you with internal implementations and can also work with companies specific to the industry, including Walker, JD-Power and Kantar. For your convenience.

Overview Benefits

Qualtrics Research Core will create customized research software solutions for your business. If you need to build an interactive questionnaire layout and test collection or comprehensive data analyses and reporting. This is the perfect platform for a variety of apps.

These include tracking, research, and development, segmentation and planning for customer satisfaction and advertising and product analysis.

Easy To Understand

Market research is never an easy task, be it an amateur or an experienced analyst. You can decode data, assess patterns and build predictive models with Qualtrics Research Core’s Stats IQ without the need to spend time in SPSS or Excel.

It app can assist you in evaluating the best numerical associations and in converting the conclusions into layman terms so that you can quickly apply them. If you have issues with your work, don’t worry. 

They have committed project managers who support you to execute the campaign from beginning to end. It promotes the effectiveness of any client plan or academic research that you perform.

Accessible Insights

If you look at open text responses at face value, actionable insights are often overlooked. Qualtrics Research Core offers the Text IQ capability to help you get to the root of this problem without hassles.

Equipped with natural language processing and artificial intelligence, it analyses for you open texts. It then proposes relevant subjects and sets sentimental values for each text comment.

Better Marketing Campaigns

It isn’t as easy as it seems to guarantee the success of your marketing strategies. Qualtrics Research Core prevents uncertainty by using the Driver IQ feature from the planning process.

This platform dynamically connects this knowledge to the key drivers of your company, by supplying you with real-time data on your customer experience. It can also forecast actions to automate the campaigns to make the best possible business impact.

Secure Storage

While supplying you with detailed statistics and documentation, Qualtrics Research Core can also act as a knowledge archive for which you can refer in the future. It has an IQ list, which gives a live curated chronicle of thoughts, desires, opinions, and expectations of your audience. 

All these data will then be saved to create a recording system that can be used for business planning, customer management or even academic research.


It is best to tap on any possible platform that you can get critical information on your business from different locations. Thankfully, Qualtrics may support multiple networks of delivery. 

You will add the surveys everywhere, be they texts, SMS, mobile sites, Social Media or IVR. You can even choose to direct people via QR codes to your surveys.

 For reçues, posters and other printed media, this is an excellent option. You also buy a large number of respondents from a number of providers so their repositories can suit the preferences to satisfy specialized ventures.

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