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Get complete control over your product using the fastest product recorder.
Record sessions, bugs, UI/UX issues and send them in 1 click.

"What really turned me over was the ability to share an issue with my developer in 7 seconds... a huge time saver."
Emma Green
Product Manager,
YV Enterprise

Record browser sessions and identify bugs without breaking a sweat

Click to mark bugs and problem areas. 
Complete tasks without leaving your browser tab.

Share insights and reduce the workload for your entire team

Export a detailed report of your interactions alongside the video.
Publish your findings to Slack, Jira or any other platform with just one click (coming soon).

Recreate bugs with 100% accuracy every single time

Never waste your time searching for bugs again.

Track mouse clicks, scrolls, inputs, animations, JS errors, exceptions and any other interaction.

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Real time recordings

Easy bug search

Less plugins needed

Amazingly responsive

Fast sharing and engagement

Easy to use interface

Make a beautiful product

It has never been easier to improve pages and features in your product.