AskNicely Vs. QuestionPro: Top Comparison That You Need

Both product analytics tools like AskNicely Vs. QuestionPro has what it takes to make everything better. Check out this post to find out more.

What is AskNicely?

AskNicely is one of the simplest and most common marketing tools to improve consumer material. The app fits seamlessly with your CRM program, where input results are automatically collected through consumer requests on a single question. 

The findings will then be evaluated based on the net promoter value of the method and real-time problems will be established. It happens while you can still handle them and improve the service that you deliver.

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Its method has quickly gained popularity and is one of the leading net promoters today applications for scoring. It’s also a long record of happy and influential clients.

The impeccable integrations with third parties were mostly the same as their reasonable prices. It allows companies from all walks of life to use AskNicely to improve productivity. 

In fact, AskNicely comes with useful features that you can find out about. These include routine survey preparation, automatic monitoring, personalized answer notifications, comment response, interactive and event-led surveys, and many other helpful offerings.

Overview Benefits

Simplest Yet Effective

With only one question and one tap answer, AskNicely became the simplest and most effective method to spot unsatisfied customers and to deal with their problems. The developers of AskNicely understood in time that quick, easy, and recurring net scores are a universal standard for capturing feedback and dealing with it.

Moreover, they produced a tool that can respond to all needs and pre-established NPS scoring methods.

AskNicely works with customer feedback and testimonials. It is also placed among the essential and most powerful sources of conversion and revenue growth.

Save More Time And Effort

In the meantime, it saves businesses significant time and effort by offering instant feedback on the service they are delivering. It occurs rather than spending the time evaluating input in the traditional way.

Even when not required, the application allows regular NPS tracking and collects information. It tells clients that their research is influenced by them and offers you accurate information at all times. 

You can, therefore, boost the reporting ability. It happens as CEOs and employees are updated with a weekly report and mutual ratings on the Geckboards, Klipfolio or Salesforce using the dashboards of the company.

Robust Method

The comprehensive leading boards allow you to classify and categorize platforms, staff, and goods, to identify how they work and where they need the most support. In terms of analysis, urgent steps can also be taken as you can examine the evidence on-site and respond directly from your CRM or homegrown network.

What is QuestionPro?

As for small and medium-sized businesses, QuestionPro is a web-based survey tool, comparable to corporations. This makes it easy for businesses to create online polls and reviews and to exchange them with a selected group of users to agree on their market responses.

QuestionPro InC. has created this technology for millions of customers worldwide and develops online survey and workflow applications. QuestionPro contains more than 30 types of questions, including several already developed survey models.

Organizations may construct questionnaires and personalized surveys with this. It provides resources to reach people through e-mail, automated pop-ups and social media polls, like Facebook and Twitter.

More than 20 qualified survey subjects can be selected by businesses. This utilizes built-in software to configure headers and footprints for the full branding of surveys with company logos, photos, audio, photographs, and HTML material. 

That survey shows a bar of progress and helps the respondent to know the percentage of the completed survey. Through making some fields mandatory for respondents and the others optional, users may build customizable surveys.

It thus assures that the sample addresses key concerns.

In order to calculate the number of questions asked by the respondent, QuestionPro can also be used to display the overall results directly after the finishing of the survey. 

The reports can be distributed in CSV, Excel and other formats provided. Users may also exchange surveys with respondents and receive answers via the Android and iOS-based tablets and smartphones ‘ mobile applications.

Overview Benefits

Better Integration

You can use QuestionPro to easily create qualified, customizable and brand-name surveys with a corporate logo and topics. The program helps you to incorporate interactive objects into, among other stuff, photos, pictures, images, emojis, and graphics. 

This provides detailed sample management such as making this mandatory for respondents to complete those fields before completing the survey.

You can also exchange surveys with interviewees online or offline and use social media, telephone, smartphone, and QR codes and many more to distribute surveys.

Multilingual Support

The app offers multilingual assistance for thousands of global languages. You can do surveys. With the innovative web-based software platform of the app, you can quickly create online polls and surveys.

You can create your survey, copy a written survey template or directly import your survey from a Word file. The QuestionPro allows making creating great surveys and questionnaires simple with more than 30 questions and hundreds of color themes.

More Tools 

Reach the question to your clients everywhere. It covers notifications and web-based integrations, pop-up and departure polls, including social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

QuestionPro polls look great on mobile devices and tablets and you can even gather answers offline via the smartphone tracking software iOS and Android.

Encourages Research

The software promotes the exchange of information with optimized PowerPoint and Word files and the development of enticing infographics.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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